Sports Videography Tutorials

sports photography tips If you are a sports videographer who films with a mirrorless or DSLR camera, you need to start taking photos too! 5 sports photography tips.
sound design Peter Sarellas takes us through his sound design process for basketball edits. In 2021, sound design sets your sport videos apart.
How to avoid copyright claims on sport videos One of the most common questions I get in my DM's is how to avoid copyright claims when uploading sport videos on YouTube?
The ONE THING To Avoid When Buying A Camera For Sports This is something you should really REALLY know about when buying a camera for sports. Something you should avoid.
My YouTube Export Settings For Sports Here's my LAST export settings video for at least 10 years! My very own recipe of export settings when outputting sport videos for YouTube.
My 4k Export Settings For Sports Here's My 4k Export Settings For Sports. I also have my secret sauce for 1080p exports on my previous video.
1080p exports Here's my very own recipe for high-quality 1080p exports when making sport videos for my clients. My secret sauce for 1080p exports.
How to make basketball edits Professional basketball videographer Peter Sarellas takes us step by step through his process of how to make basketball edits for Instagram.
basketball mixtapes Do you want your basketball mixtapes to blow up? This 2-part video series on filming and editing basketball videos for Instagram is for you.