Fan Love | Trout

There is only one Trout from Woodend.

His love for the Richmond Football Club is undeniable. There’s the custom-made Richmond Tigers jeans and wig, the classic yellow and black car, and then there are the long hours he spends creating the original artwork for the team’s run through banner every week.

Brett Beattie aka Trout loves to take the mickey out of himself. He loves to tell the story of how he got his nickname because he never shuts his mouth.

But behind the jokes and the talkback radio calls, is a much-loved family man who’d do anything for his cheer squad and their beloved Tigers.

Fan Love – Trout

In this episode of Fan Love, we spend a day with Richmond’s most cherished fan who gives the Tigers that extra bite – Trout from Woodend.

Additional Information

Episode Length: 5:43 minutes
Sport: Australian Rules Football (AFL)
Producer: Michael Lynch
Executive Producer: Edris Toussaint
Production Company: More Than A Game Productions
Published on May 18, 2017

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