The Boom of Online Casino in Southeast Asia

Online Casino in Southeast Asia
27 Aug, 2019 by Beyond The Game TV

Asia is the largest continent on earth. It is also the most highly populated, and naturally, it’s no surprise that the gambling market there is also one of the largest.
We all know about the on-land casinos in the region, especially those in Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. Yet, there seems to be a new trend that’s slowly dominating the gambling market in southeastern Asia. Online casinos have been on the rise for a while now. Here’s all that we know about it:

Online Vs On-Land Casinos

Southeast Asia is famous for being one of the main regions on earth where people go to gamble. We’ve got Singapore as one of the world leaders in gambling revenue, and not to mention, the Philippines with a prediction of over a 9.0% rise in gross gaming revenue. That’s in addition to all the casinos and resorts all over the area. However, we found that the same countries with a successful gambling industry have expressed their fears of being overtaken by the rise of online gambling. According to The Asean Post, “The Philippines reported that growth in revenue from gambling in the country has mostly come from offshore gaming operators.” So, as you can see, the online gambling industry has been rising to the extent that it might pose a threat to on-land gambling activities.

We Owe It to Technology

Experts allocate the shifting in gambling trends to an increase in the use of technology. Ever since 2017, Indonesia has been recording growth in its smartphone market; it’s actually considered the fastest-growing smartphone market in the region. In addition to that, Malaysia is now preparing to use 5G. Without a doubt, the increase in the demand for casino online Malaysia could be assigned to these factors combined. People find it much more convenient to play casino games online, and with higher mobile speed, it makes it much more enjoyable as well. How does Indonesia relate to Malaysia, you may ask. Well, simply, Indonesia is a neighboring country which means that trading costs between the two countries aren’t that expensive; this means strong trade relations. Plus, it’s not like the market for smartphones in Malaysia isn’t already thriving.

The Role of Regulations

Another factor that definitely accounts for the boom of online casinos is the regulations in the region. First off, despite having a large population of gamblers, China still bans most gaming activities. Needless to say, this pushes the Chinese population towards online gambling where countries; like the Philippines, welcome them with bonuses and incentives. Besides, while gambling is prohibited in several Asian countries, most authorities don’t block international gambling websites. Meaning, it’s a lot easier to gamble online than in real life.

So, to sum up, more and more people are finding their way towards online casinos because of what they have to offer. Instead of having to travel to regions where gambling is acceptable, most people living in southeast Asia prefer to head to the internet when they’re in the mood to have some fun. It also serves the online gambling industry well that the demand for smartphones is going through the roof in those regions. It explains why the boom is that intense.

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