The Russian, the Aussie and the soccer kick

31 May, 2016 by Aaron Robinson

In the wider sporting community there are a lot of cross-code players. It’s getting weird. Jarryd Hayne has flip-flopped between Rugby League, NFL and now Rugby Union.

Israel Folau has jumped from League to AFL to Union. But what would happen if we began to cross sports themselves?

What would it look like if we amalgamated figure skating and boxing? Or UFC and NHL? Would fighters be allowed to attack each other with ice skates?

If you ever wondered what it would look like if MMA and soccer were melded together to form some freak sport, well wonder no more. We have the footage of what it looks like right here:

Aussie MMA fighter Rob Lisita suffered a shocking six second KO at the hands of Russian Timofey Nastyukhin at a ONE Championship fight in Thailand last week. The win took Nastyukhin’s record to 10-2.

The soccer kick is outlawed in the vast majority of MMA tournaments around the world because it is simply deemed too violent to feature in regulated events. However ONE Championship doesn’t share that view.

Lisita was down and out before his head was booted around like a soccer ball in a kids playground. Hellen Keller could see Lisita was unconscious before his head hit the canvas, but the Russian insisted on putting a final exclamation point on the fight.

This fight has bolstered support for a blanket ban on the soccer kick across all codes and tournaments. Kicking an unconscious opponent in the head while they are down should never be encouraged or allowed.

The six-second defeat dropped Lisita’s stats to 14 wins and eight losses, what’s worse than that is the fact his last three outings have all ended in defeats. At 33 you can’t help but wonder how many more fights Lisita still has in his gloves.

What are your thoughts on the soccer kick in MMA?

Do you think Lisita will continue on? How much longer do you think he has left in the ring?

by Aaron Robinson – contributor


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