Will Chambers Drops Savage Sledge On Gal

Will Chambers
13 Apr, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Will Chambers’ ‘Alleged’ Savage Sledge

Details have emerged of the ‘alleged’ savage sledge that caused tensions to spill over during the Grand Final rematch between Melbourne and Cronulla over the weekend.

Fox Sports footage appears to show Storm star Will Chambers calling Sharks skipper Paul Gallen a “drug cheat c@#$”.

The Vision

The Response

For his part Gal responded with plenty of words of his own, all inaudible. But we don’t think he was inviting Chambers over to his place for a cup of tea.

Referring to the old ASADA controversy seems like a bit of a low blow but alot of Gal haters were quite impressed with Chambers’ alleged choice of words.

Who are you calling a cheat?

Given their own slightly chequered history, you’d think anyone associated with the Storm would be a little bit cautious of calling anyone cheats. To be fair Chambers wasn’t a part of the Storm when they were stripped of two Premierships so he probably couldn’t care less.

What’s that saying about glass houses?

Anyway it brings up one of our favourite topics, sledging in sport. Where do you draw the line? How far is too far?

One thing that’s certain, the Sharks v Storm rivalry is turning into one of the most revered in the league. The NRL needs real rivalries and the one between last year’s Grand Finalists is great for the game.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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