Why the Dallas Cowboys are a joke

Dallas Cowboys
01 Aug, 2017 by Didier Stobart

The Dallas cowboys have decided to waive special teams player Lucky Whitehead after the Virginia Police released information that he was arrested on shoplifting charges and then failed to appear in court.

There was one big problem. It was a classic case of mistaken identity.

Dallas Cowboys release Lucky Whitehead

Whitehead denied the arrest occurred and told the Cowboys of the mix up. They were quick to dismiss his claims and released him immediately without inquiring any further.

Dallas Cowboys

Video footage of the arrest has now been released. Leaving the Dallas Cowboys red faced after it was confirmed to be a case of mistaken identity.

To hear more about this incident, listen to the Open Talks podcast episode 7

The facts

The Virginia Police first identified the man as Lucky Whitehead after arresting a man without identification who told them he was the Dallas Cowboys player.

Without confirming this information, the Police released it to the public. Claiming that he was uncooperative and didn’t show up to a scheduled court appearance.

They obviously forgot to review the video footage before making these claims, effectively disregarding the notion of innocent until proven guilty.

Dallas Cowboys

Poor crisis management

The police are obviously to blame after releasing the wrong information, but the Dallas Cowboys need to be criticised for their handling of the entire situation.

It seems like every off-season there is another controversy with the Cowboys.

This incident was different however, as it was the first time the Cowboys haven’t staunchly defended their own player.

This is puzzling due to the nature of the incident. You would think that shoplifting would be considered a minor incident to the Cowboys, but they decided to deem it worse than domestic violence and drug use.

It could be the case of protecting the superstar players, but the Dallas Cowboys have had a shameful past when defending controversial incidents.

These examples will show you the type of disgraceful acts the Dallas Cowboys have defended when a star player is involved. Showing the double standards of the team and highlighting the contrasting principles.

Greg Hardy

Dallas Cowboys

In 2014, Greg Hardy was arrested for domestic violence and assault charges against his his ex girlfriend. He was suspended from the league for 10 games and sentenced to 60 days in prison.

His former team the Carolina Panthers made the right call and released him. Enter the Dallas Cowboys. They decided they would fight the charges for him and give him a lucrative contract.

Hardy became a huge problem for the franchise with his uncontrollable outbursts and insensitive public comments. Hardy was not offered a new contract by the Cowboys and was arrested for cocaine possession in 2016.

Michael Irvin

Dallas Cowboys

In 1996 Michael Irvin was alleged to have sexually assaulted a Cowboys cheerleader with teammate Erik Williams, while under the influence of cocaine. The charges were dropped soon after but the controversy didn’t stop for Irvin that off-season.

He was arrested in a hotel room for the possession of a large amount of cocaine and cannabis, when he was found with a number of strippers and a former teammate. Irvin was suspended for the first five games of the next season.

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t see anything wrong with his actions and kept him for the rest of his career. This is another example of the Cowboys protecting a talented player, who will have his jersey retired with the team and his controversies forgotten.

Since his retirement, Irvin has been arrested for a number of sexual assaults and drug possession.

Randy Gregory

Dallas Cowboys

Randy Gregory has just failed a drug test for the 7th time and will be suspended for one year. This has not stopped Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones complaining about the suspension, stating that the NFL handled the situation poorly and he needed to be given another chance.

I think seven chances are more than enough and Jerry Jones needs to reconsider his stance on drug abuse and second chances in the league.

Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliot is currently being investigated for sexual assault and an NFL imposed suspension is expected before the season. This hasn’t stopped Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones commenting on the allegations. Stating that there was no crime committed.

It seems like this should be left for the police to decide. And shows Jones defending another star player for an alleged despicable act.

Jones should not be the person making decisions on criminal activity, as he himself has been caught in controversial situations in the past.

Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys

Let’s not forget about the owner. The person who makes every decision about his players involved in criminal activity. Married since 1963 and not offering any comments for his behaviour, Jerry Jones shows us exactly why the Cowboys are making so many poor decisions. It’s the wrong person making them.

These incidents show the double standards and the questionable principles of the Dallas Cowboys and their famous owner Jerry Jones.  It doesn’t make any sense that they would release a player for a petty shoplifting charge when these incidents seem so much worse. The only reason seems to be the protection of star players and the special treatment they receive.

To hear more about this incident, listen to the Open Talks podcast episode 7

by Didier Stobart – contributor
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