Western Bulldogs demise nothing to do with attitude

Western Bulldogs demise
19 Jun, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Western Bulldogs demise has fans asking questions

The Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge has denied his team has an attitude problem in the aftermath of their 57-point thrashing at the hands of Melbourne.

Western Bulldogs Demise

The Bulldogs were smashed all over the ground as they slumped to their fourth loss in five matches.

Melbourne had the better of the reigning premiers from the outset in a fiery match that is sure to lead to plenty of fines being dished out by the AFL.


Dogs Fans Furious

The loss has lead to plenty of media commentators and Doggies fans questioning their team’s attitude and approach.

One fan put it succinctly: “The boys appear to have lost their heart and their guts.”

Bevo’s Response

But Luke Beveridge has denied the players have “lost heart”.

“It’s definitely not an attitudinal issue or an application issue,” Beveridge said.

“It’s the nature of the last two (blowout) losses which is really concerning so I can understand the external commentary.


“But momentarily we have lost our momentum and trajectory, and belief in yourself as an individual and as a team can be fleeting.

“We kept it going for a while, but at the moment we are challenged in that regard.”

Credit to the Demons

The criticism of the Bulldogs though is taking credit away from the Demons. Melbourne are playing with a desire and a hunger that they haven’t displayed for over as decade.

The Demons were ferocious with their attack on the footy and speed of ball movement yesterday.

The way Melbourne played yesterday had shades of the 2016 Western Bulldogs about it.


Dogs need the hunger back

It was in 2016 that the Bulldogs played like the hunters. Now they are playing very much like the hunted.

It is not overly surprising. Late last season the Bulldogs were able to fly under the radar and catch a number of teams off guard. But now that they are the Premiers, those days are over.

The Bulldogs have to accept the fact that opposition teams are going to bring their A-game to them every game this season.

Next Saturday night the Dogs face the Kangaroos in what will be a crucial clash for the reigning Premiers.

If the Dogs want to keep their Premiership defence alive, they need to get that hunger from last year back and fast.

Many people have written the Doggies off after yesterday’s loss. With their backs to the wall it’s time for the Bulldogs to get hungry and become the hunters again.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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