Sports Videography Tutorials

behind the scenes Go behind the scenes of my last big shoot before sports got shut down by the Coronavirus. This shoot was for the Melbourne Renegades.
Sports videography most frequently asked questions Sports videography most frequently asked questions. I get all sorts of questions and now I answer the 10 most common questions.
How to Pick and Edit Music How to Pick and Edit Music. When editing a sports hype reel, picking the right music track is essential and so is editing it the right way.
Best frame rate when filming sports Is there any huge difference between 30fps, 60 fps and 120fps? Which frame rate looks better? And what is the Best frame rate when filming sports?
Removing Sport Background Noise A free and easy way to remove background noise after filming interviews during a sporting event.
YouTube channels I learn from everyday Everyday I spend a certain amount of time on YouTube, not to procrastinate, but to learn new skills and grow as a sports videographer.
edit slow-motion for sports To produce perfect slow-motion action, you need to understand frame-rates and many other things all explained in this video. Enjoy!
Overwhelmed by BIG editing jobs..? Have you ever filmed a sporting event and then felt defeated by the editing job ahead of you? If so, this video is made for you!
How to Create EPIC Hype Reels In this video I teach you how to edit epic hype reels like a professional and I even giveaway a few secrets. Take your video editing game to the next level!
filming hacks My best sports filming hacks are easy tricks I use all the time when filming sports. They allow me to be extremely efficient.