Sports Videography Tutorials

easy ways to edit faster As much as we love editing sports videos, we all wish we could do it a little faster. Here are 5 easy ways to edit faster.
Fair Use Can you use professional sports footage in your videos if you add your own audio commentary over it? Does it qualify as fair use on YouTube?
Editing a sports video in 15 minutes Because of my eternal quest for perfection when editing a sports video, the process usually takes me several hours.
Everything you need to know about filming basketball Learn everything there is to know about filming basketball games with my 20 minute masterclass.
NBA clips I finally reveal where I find all the high-quality NBA clips you see in my basketball hype reels, mixtapes and edits.
VFX I always had a minimalist style of editing when it comes to my sports videos but there is one VFX I can't go without.
After Effects Tutorial Fire I attempted to create this effect from scratch for the first time and the result was kind of surprising. After Effects Tutorial Fire.
Am I spending too much money on Sports Videography Gear How much money is too much money to be spending on sports videography gear?
best camera for sports After extensive research and testing in the field, I finally picked the best camera for sports under $1,000.
shooting the wrong way 15 years later I now realise that I've been shooting the wrong way this entire time. Setting the shutter speed to double the frame rate..