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Beyond the football

While visiting the Sherrin factory on the first day of production of the 2018 AFL Grand Final football, learn all the history behind the Australian icon that is the Sherrin footy.

AFL Premiership winner Josh Gibson goes to Scoresby, Victoria and learns everything about the famous footy while making one himself.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being out here and yeah, it was a wonderful experience,” said the Hawthorn legend.

What is Sherrin?

Sherrin is a brand of football used in Australian rules football and is the official ball of the Australian Football League. It is designed to its official specifications and was the first ball designed specifically for the sport.


The first Australian rules football was invented by Thomas William Sherrin in 1880, when he was given a misshapen rugby ball to fix. He designed the football with indented rather than pointy ends to give the ball a better bounce. The sport known as football, or “footy”, was rapidly increasing in popularity, and Sherrin footballs soon became the icon for being the first ball made for Australian rules football.

Production began in 1897 in a workshop in Collingwood, which had produced a variety of leather sporting goods since 1880, including footballs, cricket balls, boxing gloves and punching balls. The quality of Sherrin’s goods was, and still is, widely regarded.

Must watch!

This documentary is a great insight into Aussie culture and one of its greatest icons. A must watch for all Australians of all ages.

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Additional Information

Episode Length: 7:38 minutes
Producer: Edris Toussaint
Published on November 15, 2018

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