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sports documentary

Sports Documentary

With our sports documentary series, our vision is to be the definitive source for digital sports media worldwide that inspires the next generation. We create original digital videos that move beyond the scores and dive into global sports culture. Our documentaries challenge the status quo, celebrate human accomplishments and highlight important trends and analysis.

We focus on real stories for real people.

A sports documentary is a film genre that uses sport as the theme of a story. It is a production in which a sport, sporting event, athlete (and their sport), or follower of sport (and the sport they follow) are prominently featured, and which depend on sport to a significant degree for their plot motivation or resolution. Despite this, sport is ultimately rarely the central concern of such stories and sport performs primarily an allegorical role. Furthermore, sports fans are not necessarily the target demographic in such stories, but sports fans tend to have a large following or respect for such documentaries.

You can watch all our sport documentaries for free, either here or on our YouTube channel.

Additional Information

Episode Length: 7-12 minutes
Format: Documentary
Producer: Edris Toussaint

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