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“Rowdy” Bec Rawlings is one of Australia’s most explosive UFC fighters. Hailing from Tasmania, Bec was a sports nut growing up participating in gymnastics, athletics and basketball.

Family Life

Family has always been a huge part of Bec’s life. She is a mother of two awesome kids – Zake and Enson. Bec credits her Mum with helping shape the person she is.

“My Mum has pretty much been my rock since day one. She was a single mother who worked late shifts as a nurse. She taught us to never give up and to work your but off if you really want something in life.”

But Bec went through some difficult times as a youngster.

“I was a bit of a lost kid in Tassie. As I moved into my teenage years, I got mixed up with the wrong groups and got in and out of trouble at school.”

“Rowdy” Bec Rawlings

The first signs that Bec Rawlings could become a fighter appeared during her early battles with her siblings.

“I just had that never quit kind of attitude which I’ve carried on into fighting. I was always a rough kid growing up, I was always getting into fights.”

But it’s in the octagon that Bec really found her calling. She has been a trailblazer in the Australian MMA scene becoming the first Aussie female to travel to the USA to fight in MMA.

Most would be daunted by such as big move. Bec though took it all in her stride.

“I have an immense self-belief. I can have a million people telling me I can’t do something or that I won’t get anywhere and it just drives me.”

Rawlings (6-4-0) is now looking at a bout in Brisbane at UFC Fight Night – HUNT vs MIR, where she’ll be facing Seo Hee Ham (16-6-0).

We spent a day with “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings and her two biggest fans, children Zake and Enson. Bec discussed her early years growing up, her family life and what it takes to be a female UFC fighter.

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Published on February 11, 2016

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