Michelle Jenneke | My Life as an Athlete

Michelle Jenneke has been sports mad for as long as she can remember.

“I did gymnastics for a long time, I did dancing, I played soccer for about ten years. I also played a bit of basketball, touch football, European handball. Anything I could play, I did!”

Michelle Jenneke’s Rise to Fame

It has been a huge few years for Michelle, with her warm-up routine video seeing her become an internet sensation.

Shelly reflected on the first time she did her now famous warm-up and the surprising impact it had on her running performance.

“I got down to the blocks and I ran a huge P.B. It was the fastest I had run for a long time. That was actually my P.B for a number of years. That crazy thing that I did just there actually worked.”


It has been a big 2015 on the track for Michelle Jenneke who has delivered a number of personal best performances.

Shelly will be looking to continue her great form as the 2016 Rio Olympics draw closer.

“I remember watching Cathy Freeman at the 2000 Olympics. She was pretty incredible. I’m not sure I can pull off the silver suit though.”

Shelly talks us through all things Olympics, race preparation and of course the full story behind ‘that’ warm-up.

Additional Information

Episode Length: 5:18 minutes
Sport: Athletics
Producer: Michael Lynch
Executive Producer: Edris Toussaint
Production Company: More Than A Game Productions
Published on July 7, 2015

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