Dan Kelly | My Life as a UFC Fighter

Daniel Kelly is the ultimate Aussie warrior. The judoka from Melbourne has one of the best records in Australian history with an impressive eight senior Australian championships and seven Oceania titles.

Daniel Kelly Loves Giving Back

Daniel now runs his own gym, the Resilience Training Centre in Melbourne. That’s where he helps develop Australia’s future Olympic stars.

“We’ve got about sixty or seventy kids doing judo here as well as an elite program. So it’s pride and giving back to the sport that I really enjoy.”

Dan represented Australia at the Olympics four times, including the 2000 Sydney games. one of Dan’s favourite sporting memories.

“The feeling we had walking out for the opening ceremony, it will stay with me forever. We could hear the whole stadium shaking as we came out. There were 110,000 people there screaming for Australia. That will stay with me forever. I’ve got teammates who still talk to me about that. It was incredible.”

Dan’s MMA Career

After the London Olympics Daniel Kelly decided to take his interest in MMA to the next level.

Daniel’s secret weapon as he prepares for his huge UFC 193 fight on November could well be his wife Maria who herself appeared in five Olympics where she won a bronze medal.

“You don’t get much sympathy around the house if you’re tired or anything but she’s great. We’re lucky both our kids do a little judo now. One of the best things about the gym is that we can all be together at certain times doing something that Maria and I have been doing together our whole lives and share it with our kids.”

Daniel Kelly’s November 15 UFC 193 contest against Steve Montgomery is going to be the fight of his life.

“I’ve got to be fit and strong and focusing on what I do well rather than focusing completely on what he does. You’ve got to impose your game. That’s how you’re going to win the fight.”

BeyondTheGame.TV goes behind the scenes with Aussie warrior Daniel Kelly as he prepares to bring his A-game to UFC 193 in Melbourne.

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Published on November 9, 2015

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