Fan Love | Kenny Williams

One of the most loved and recognised supporters in the AFL is Sydney Swans fanatic “Kingsford” Kenny Williams.

Kenny Williams

“I’m an 86 year old rising to 87 and being involved with the young blokes has helped me a lot. I try my hardest to keep up with them. I’m just a fanatical lover of the Sydney Football Club,” says Kenny.

Few people can forget the sight of Kenny hoisting the Swans 2012 Premiership Cup into the air with the players after their Grand Final victory over Hawthorn.

“I was in Disneyland. I just saw the cup and picked it up. The champagne in it went all over me. I was lost that day. I went completely off my rocker.”

The Early Beginnings

Kenny Williams has always been a ‘Bloods’ fanatic. He still remembers the joy of supporting the South Melbourne footy club as a youngster.

“When I was four and a half years old I went to the 1933 Grand Final with my Grandmother. I’ll never forget that.”

Kenny Williams took his wife Yvonne to her first ever game of football in 1953. Yvonne has become hugely popular with the players providing advice, support and some of the best home cooked meals in Australia.

“She’s been feeding the boys for twenty years. The blokes that don’t get an invite for dinner are always tapping me on the shoulder – when’s my turn to get a big roast dinner Kenny?”

BeyondTheGame.TV spends a day with two of the AFL’s most extraordinary fans – Yvonne and Kenny Williams.

Additional Information

Episode Length: 5:29 minutes
Sport: Australian Rules Football (AFL)
Producer: Michael Lynch
Executive Producer: Edris Toussaint
Production Company: More Than A Game Productions
Published on September 4, 2015

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