Fan Love | Richmond Tigers Cheer Squad

Ever since their founding in 1885, the Richmond Football Club has been famous for its loyal and extremely passionate supporters. Few are more animated during AFL matches than their highly dedicated Cheer Squad and its leader Gerard Egan.

Gerard Egan, Richmond Tigers Cheer Squad Leader

Egan who has supported the Tigers for decades was not always destined to be a fan of the yellow and black.

“It was for my birthday. Both me and my brother were being taken to the football by my grandfather so my Mum thought she was doing the right thing by buying us both South Melbourne jumpers. We got there to the shop and I wanted the yellow and black one. That’s the one I wanted and that’s how I ended up barracking for Richmond.”

Egan’s long-time love of the Richmond Tigers has seen him appointed as Cheer Squad chairperson by the Richmond Football Club, a job he loves.

Game-Day Banners

One of the most important roles of the Richmond Tigers Cheer Squad is to prepare the game-day banner.

The job is not without its challenges. One being that there is no ‘spell-checker’ for banner making. After all these years of making the banner, Egan can only recall one spelling mistake.

“We owe Brett Deledio a big apology because it was actually Brett’s name that we spelt wrong. It’s embarrassing when you get a word wrong but it’s even more embarrassing when you get a player’s name wrong.”

BeyondTheGame.TV takes you to the iconic Punt road oval as the Richmond Tigers Cheer Squad prepares the banner for a clash with long time arch-rival Carlton.

Additional Information

Episode Length: 4:03 minutes
Sport: Australian Rules Football (AFL)
Producer: Michael Lynch
Executive Producer: Edris Toussaint
Production Company: More Than A Game Productions
Published on July 15, 2015

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