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From Australia to Portugal for one soccer match Travelling from Australia to Portugal for one soccer match was the best decision I ever made. Follow my journey in this touching episode of our Vlog which is also our first ever Travel Vlog!
NRL-in-Melbourne E gets invited to his first State of Origin game and uses this opportunity to find out why the NRL's future is apparently in Melbourne.
we are hiring an intern If you enjoy our videos and wish you could learn how to produce similar content, here's your chance. BeyondTheGameTV is currently looking for an intern to help with the Vlog and to help manage our social media accounts.
NBA players in the NBL After Andrew Bogut’s recent decision to leave the NBA for the NBL, could we see more NBA players finish their career in Australia? E has a few tips to help make it happen.
Brad Marchand In this edition of the BeyondTheGameTV Vlog, we explain why Brad Marchand is the Conor McGregor of the NHL.
NHL vs AFL NHL vs AFL. Old mate Snoop Dogg stops by our Vlog to help Ed explain to our viewers why every AFL fan should also follow the NHL.
Rebels vs Jaguares This video is a MUST watch for any Aussie who doesn't know much about Super Rugby and is eager to learn more. Follow Ed behind the scenes at a match between the Melbourne Rebels and the Buenos Aires Jaguares.
Vlog 12 - NEW Ben Simmons THUMBNAIL This is a video we made in Melbourne, Australia specifically for Ben Simmons to watch. And also for Australia (especially the Aussie media) to understand how special he is. BEN YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO TILL THE END.
We spend a day with Daniel Ricciardo on the Albert Park track prior to the 2018 Melbourne Grand Prix. We chat about his recent off-season and his plans for the future. We also use the opportunity to do a few laps in a very different way..!!
AFLX Comprehensive Review AFLX… is it hit or sh@#? That’s the big question we want answered. Lynchy’s AFLX comprehensive review should be really helpful to footy fans who missed out on this colourful weekend.