VLOG Ep32 | Anzac Day the NRL Way

How the NRL does Anzac Day better than the AFL

🌹 ANZAC day for Victorian sport fans has always been about the AFL at the MCG. But now it’s clear that Melbourne Storm and the NRL have taken over.

Follow E behind the scenes at AAMI park in Melbourne on ANZAC day during a world-first projection show before the iconic battle between Melbourne Storm and the New Zealand Warriors.

Beyond the Game TV VLOG 🎥

Whether he’s catching up with famous Aussie athletes or collaborating with other content creators, E always uses sports as the backdrop to his stories.

This show is a place where Aussie millennials with a passion for sports can finally consume sport video content the way the Internet intended!

Welcome to episode #32 of the BeyondTheGame.TV Vlog: Anzac Day the NRL Way

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Additional Information

Episode Length: 8:28 minutes
Producer: Edris Toussaint
Published on May 3, 2019

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