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meeting Ben Simmons
Carlton Football Club
Anzac Day the NRL Way ANZAC day for Victorian sport fans has always been about the AFL at the MCG. But now it's clear that Melbourne Storm and the NRL have taken over.
Footy for Dummies Footy for Dummies is a video series where Gavin Ingham teaches AFL to 🇺🇸/️🇨🇦️ people by comparing AFL clubs to NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB teams.
1980s Footy vs Today's AFL Watch this video with your dad because today we're deciding once and for all which one is more fun to watch, the current AFL or the 80s VFL.
NFL vs NRL It's time to call it once and for all, NFL vs NRL. Which one is better?
AFLW I try to really dig deep into AFLW archives and statistics to figure out once and for all if the AFLW really is a success.
Halftime show Halftime shows don't always run smoothly... Go behind the scenes of Nicole Millar's performance at the Australia day clash between Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC.
Is Nick Kyrgios mentally ill? As the Australian Open gets underway, we answer the question that all Aussies usually ask around this time of year - Is Nick Kyrgios mentally ill?
My ESPN 30 for 30 TOP 5 ESPN looks back at notable sports happenings from 1979 to 2009 featuring 30 films from some of Hollywood's finest directors and producers. Here's my ESPN 30 for 30 Top 5.