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Dion Waiters Dion Waiters is already guaranteed to win a Championship Ring. Here's how: he signed a contract with the Lakers on March 6.
Israel Adesanya needs to start losing After finishing Paulo Costa, Israel Adesanya is now 20-0. He's an undefeated champion but arguably still not a superstar just yet.
why masvidal Jorge Masvidal had a secret plan for a much greater reward. Let's see what is the REAL reason why Jorge Masvidal took the Usman fight on short notice
Fighter pay
Why UFC fighters are burning out UFC fighters are starting to open up publicly about their own battles with depression. We go through why mental illness is becoming such a big issue.
How UFC fighters get paid There's a lot of rumours going around about the different ways how UFC fighters get paid. It's time to go through all of them and get the facts straight.
Why Disney cancelled UFC 249 Dana White answered Why Disney cancelled UFC 249 in an interview on ESPN. He received calls from the leadership at Disney and ESPN asking him to cancel.
UFC Media Picking Fighters UFC Media Picking Fighters. If you had to be quarantined for god knows how long with 5 UFC fighters, who would they be and why?
Did Cowboy get paid to lose A lot of conspiracy theories about the UFC 246 main event. Its time to set the record straight. How much did Cowboy REALLY get paid to fight Conor McGregor?
Footy-for-Dummies Western-Bulldogs Footy for Dummies is a video series where Gavin Ingham teaches AFL to 🇺🇸/️🇨🇦️ people by comparing AFL clubs to NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB teams.