Web Series

NBA Ballers Voice Olivier Sedra is the voice of the Brooklyn Nets. He was selected to be one of only 4 PA announcers in the NBA bubble.
A series of interviews with leaders from the Australian sports industry who all have different roles for different organizations.
Sports Documentary Series Our documentaries challenge the status quo, celebrate human accomplishments and highlight important trends and analysis.
Technique of the week Technique of the Week is a weekly MMA masterclass where the best of the best Australian fighters dissect, perform and explain their signature moves.
Sports Videography Tutorials With this sports videography series, E helps out other sports creators and videographers improve their video production skills.
BTGTV-Vlog A place where Aussie millennials with a passion for sports can finally consume sport video content the way the Internet intended!
Go behind the scenes with some of Australian sport’s brightest talents as they prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics.
OZ Warriors Follow Aussie UFC fighters during training sessions, personal life commitments, candid interviews and inside the octagon.
Fan Love In every episode we witness the obsession, the passion and the brotherhood of the biggest sports fans in Australia.
My Life As We spend a day in the life of a coach, a player or a doctor, anyone who’s directly involved in professional sport.
Two teams face each other while our cameras capture all the drama that unfolds.