Viewer backlash over Phelps vs Shark

Phelps vs shark
25 Jul, 2017 by Mike Lynch

TV viewers have been left unimpressed after Discovery Channel’s much hyped Phelps vs shark race flopped.

Michael Phelps vs Shark

Viewers had been promised a race between the Olympic legend and feared ocean predator – the Great White Shark.


Scientific experts were even claimed to have been working on “ways to make the Great White Shark swim in a straight line” for the race.


Sounds sensational right? Unfortunately the final result didn’t quite live up to the hype looking more like a scene out of Sharknado 3.

Audience backlash

The backlash from viewers though has been a little surprising. It seems many of them actually thought Phelps would be swimming against a real Great White Shark.

Maybe Discovery Channel’s pre-race promotions were a little bit too well done, with some describing the result as “the greatest let down in TV history.”

Given the fallout from this effort, I think the Discovery Channel has no choice but to get the job done properly.

I’m proposing a race between Mack Horton and a Great White Shark off the coast of Port Lincoln.

Make it happen Discovery Channel!

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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