Ty Vickery Haters Told to Back Off

Ty Vickery Haters
20 Apr, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Former Richmond superstar Matthew Richardson has told Ty Vickery haters to ‘back off’.

The new Hawk has been the butt of plenty of jokes this season with his new club sinking to 0-4 and bottom place of the AFL ladder.


The Scapegoat?

Many people are pinning the blame on Vickery with very savage online criticism directed at the Hawtorn player.

Richo to Ty Vickery Haters: Back Off

One man who knows what it’s like to deal with haters is former Tiger Matthew Richardson.

While Richo is regarded by most as a former champion and a club legend now, the reality is that for most of his career Richardson was a hugely maligned player.

Ty Vickery Haters

But Richo certainly didn’t cop anywhere near the same kind of online trolling that Vickery has been on the end of lately.

Whilst on 3AW Richardson called on those potting Vickery to think about what they were saying.

“I don’t think people realise the effect these things can have on people,” he said on 3AW.


“He is being smashed on social media with all these memes and they are totally over the top,” Richardson said.

“Ty Vickery is copping them at the moment. He would have to have a thick skin. He’s gone to a new club, he’s injured, he’d love to be out there trying to show his wares in the forward line. Hawthorn are hardly playing great footy, I mean, Jack Gunston’s struggling to get a kick in the forward line.”

“I just reckon the memes about Vickery at the moment are too harsh and I don’t think people realise the effect that they can have on the individual.”

A New Era

Dealing with haters has become a way of life for the modern AFL player. Social Media platforms like Instagram and Twitter give fans access to players like never before.

Twenty years ago if you didn’t like a player, the only way you could let him know was via talkback radio or a letter to a newspaper. Now all you have to do is pull out your phone.

Fake news and parody news sites have added a whole new dimension with the below Ty Vickery spoof article. The perfect example.

Ty Vickery Haters

There’s no doubt Vickery, who has been described as “a walking meme”, would have seen this and plenty of the other posts out there that are taking the piss out of his footy ability and footy career as a whole.

Let’s hope he has one heck of a good sense of humour, or maybe someone advising him to press the ‘deactivate’ button on his social media accounts. So all the Ty Vickery haters can most likely move on to their next victim.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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