Top 10 Weird Sports Memorabilia Items

Weird sports memorabilia
24 Nov, 2017 by Mike Lynch

If there’s one thing we like more than sports memorabilia, it’s weird sports memorabilia.

Weird sports memorabilia dug up in Perth

This week we couldn’t help but notice that someone had jumped onto Ebay to sell a bit of turf from Domain Stadium. (or Subiaco Oval as it was known for many years)

$40 seems like a decent deal too!

The Subiaco Oval auction got us wondering about what other weird sports memorabilia had been put up for sale over the years.

Here are some of the weirdest and most bizarre sports memorabilia auctions of all time.

1. Dustin Martin cigarette

One opportunistic auctioneer put a cigarette supposedly smoked by Dustin Martin up on eBay for $50 in the days following their Premiership win over Adelaide.

Weird sports memorabilia

2. Andre Agassi’s pony tail

The eight-time Grand Slam champion’s ponytail is on display at the Official All Star Café on Times Square. It was auctioned off for an undisclosed amount in Las Vegas. Andre has admitted he wore a wig during the early part of his career so we’re not even sure that the auctioned hair is actually his.

Weird sports memorabilia

3. Shaquille O’Neal 2002 NBA Championship Ring (that he gave to Sylvester Stallone as a gift)

Okay this one is complicated so bear with me. Shaq and Sly apparently became good mates in the 2000’s.

Weird sports memorabilia

They decided to swap gifts. So Shaq gave him the ring and apparently Sly handed over some Rocky movie merch. Doesn’t really sound like a fair deal to me…

Weird sports memorabilia

In 2015, Stallone auctioned off a lot of his stuff for charities for U.S veterans and wounded servicemen including Shaq’s NBA Championship Ring. Maybe Shaq bought it back?

4. FIFA world cup draw tags

A clever interior decorator attempted to turn trash into treasure when he snapped up the FIFA World Cup draw tags after the fancy press conference in Germany.

Weird sports memorabilia

He put the tags on Ebay with the German tag getting bids at over $13,300. FIFA reportedly tried to spoil the party saying at the time that the auctions were a “violation of FIFA’s name rights”.

5. Tom Seaver toothpick

Weird sports memorabilia

A chewed toothpick that had been in the mouth of New York Mets Tom Seaver sold for $440 at an auction in 1992.

6. Leigh Matthews’ broken point post

Well this is a ripper for footy fans.

Bizarrely enough the point post snapped by Hawthorn legend Leigh Matthews back in 1982 popped up at an auction of Ron Barassi’s collection back in 2016.


Weird sports memorabilia


The post was listed at between 4 and $8,000.

7. Luis Gonzalez chewed bubblegum

Weird sports memorabilia

A piece of bubblegum chewed on by Arizona baseball star Luis Gonzalez (not pictured above) was purchased by a gum manufacturer for a cool $10,000 in 2002.

8. Gary Ablett Jnr locker

The number 29 locker used by Cats superstar Gary Ablett Jr during his 192-game Geelong career was put up for sale last month.

Weird sports memorabilia

It is one of the last lockers remaining from the former Brownlow Stand at Kardinia Park.

9. McDonald’s Michael Jordan (McJordan) BBQ sauce

A “McJordan” was apparently a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon, pickles, onions, mustard and barbecue sauce that came out in 1992 and cost $1.85.

Weird sports memorabilia

I don’t think we were lucky enough to have it here in Australia but don’t quote me on that! Apparently there was a fairly massive BBQ sauce surplus.

Weird sports memorabilia

In 2012 a bloke in North Dakota sold a one gallon (nearly 4 litres) jug of this McJordan saucy goodness for just under $10,000.

10. Barry Sanders signed urinal

Weird sports memorabilia

What could possibly outdo the GOAT’s sauce as far as weird sports memorabilia goes? I agree it takes something pretty special. Behold this urinal signed by NFL superstar and one of the greatest running backs of all time Barry Sanders.

Detroit local and Lions fan Mike Kozan bought an old urinal from the Silverdome in 2014 for $23. He then worked up the courage to ask Barry to sign the urinal at an in-store autograph session. Being the ripping bloke that he is, Sanders happily obliged and even posed for a photo with the urinal.

Weird sports memorabilia

Barry and Mike you absolute legends!

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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