Top 5 Game-day Entertainment Disasters

Top 5 Game Day entertainment disasters - BeyondTheGameTV
06 Oct, 2015 by Mike Lynch

Ellie Goulding’s AFL Grand Final performance had everyone talking. Unfortunately it was for all the wrong reasons.

Um- burn.

Ellie responded to the lip-sync accusations and also enquired about where she might be able to find a Tofu-burger.

Anyway- we’ll leave you to judge for yourself.

Goulding’s performance wasn’t the first- and certainly won’t be the last pre-game entertainment debacle.

Let’s enjoy these five other classics.

5. Holy Nipple

The millions tuning in to the 2004 Superbowl got an eyeful at the end of this Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake performance.

4. Dutch Debacle

The team are absolutely speechless after watching this one. Apparently these are Dutch idol contestants doing Tina Turner’s Simply the Best. Wow.

3. South African National Anthem Karaoke Style

The South African Springboks stars were left looking fairly confused after this bloke belted out their National Anthem before their test against England.

2. Oh Billy!

The NRL outdid itself in 2002 unleashing Billy Idol onto the stadium in a hovercraft. The Hovercraft worked fine- but unfortunately when he got onto the stage the electronics blew and he never performed a song. At least the hovercraft was cool.

1. Meat Loaf Meltdown.

This goes down as one of the most infamous Grand Final moments of all time. The AFL spent a squillion getting Meat Loaf to perform at the Grannie. Turns out they would have been better off throwing a $20 note to one of the buskers on Burke St.
Check out the reactions of his co-guitarists.

Special Mention

Many people are wondering where Angry Anderson and his blue batmobile from 1991 are. Well this article is about fails- and we reckon Angry Anderson killed it. 11/10 to Angry. Here is the great man in all his glory.

2015 Grand Final weekend certainly lived up to all the hype- with plenty of controversy- and some incredible on-field heroics.

Make sure you check out The Stadium Experience for the ultimate 2015 Grand Final Weekend review. (Sorry- no Blue Batmobiles- but there may be some nudity)

Click here to see the video


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