Top 10 Melbourne Cups Ever

31 Oct, 2015 by Mike Lynch

There are not too many horse races important enough to demand a public holiday.

The Cup is more than a horse race – and much more than a sporting event. This is ‘The Race That Stops A Nation’– a day that has become a huge part of Australia’s identity. counts down the best Melbourne Cup moments of all time.

10. Subzero, 1992.

Everyone loves a grey- so the crowd went absolutely nuts when Subzero charged down the Flemington straight to take out the cup in 1992.

Trivia: Subzero is still fit as a fiddle at the age of 27. (which is about 400 in horse years). We want to know where he gets his apples.

9. Japan Quinella- Delta Blues, Pop Rock, 2006.

Before the start of the 2006 Melbourne Cup- no Japanese horse had ever won the race that stops a nation.

It didn’t look like 2006 would be the year either when a stable spokesperson described Japanese contender Delta Blues as a “lazy horse”.

Turns out they were having us on…

Delta Blues and Pop Rock charged home like bullet-trains going 1 and 2 to put Japanese horse racing on the map in Australia.

There was an impressive high-five after the race between jockey’s Damien Oliver and Yasunari Iwata.

8. Archer, 1861.

Okay so we apologize for the lack of Youtube footage for this one- we have had some technical issues in the office.

But Archer’s win in the first ever Melbourne Cup would have to be one of the most insane of them all. The reason? Archer was from Nowra in New South Wales. He walked- almost 1000 km from Nowra to Melbourne for the race.

Let that sink in for a second.

You might be one of those people who complains if the elevator at work isn’t working and you’ve got to walk up a few stairs. Well Archer walked 1000 km- THEN he won the Melbourne Cup. Archer then walked – 1000km back to Nowra where he was the toast of the town. The champ did it all again the next year when he took out his second Melbourne Cup.

7. Kiwi, 1983.

Speaking of ridiculous efforts Kiwi and his jockey Jimmy Cassidy won the 1983 Melbourne Cup the hard way (although they didn’t walk 1000 km to get to Flemington).

As Kiwi turned around the home straight in the Cup he was running dead last – 24th out of 24. Yet somehow 20 year old jockey Jimmy ‘The Pumper” Cassidy managed to help Kiwi storm home with the greatest finish of all time.

Check out the famous finish below- we have watched it 17 times and still don’t know how he did it!

6. Bart Cumming’s Twelfth Cup- Viewed, 2008.

The Racing World lost an icon with the passing of trainer Bart Cummings this year.

Bart trained an incredible 12 horses to Melbourne Cup victory – a feat that will more than likely never be matched.

Bart was 80 years old when he got his 12th Melbourne Cup – training Viewed to victory in 2008. We have included the Youtube version with Cantonese dubbing because it is the best quality video – and we are trying to learn Cantonese.

5. Vintage Crop, 1993.

It was all about the ‘Luck Of The Irish’ in 1993. Vintage Crop’s win was a real game-changer. International horses had tried many times to win the Melbourne Cup – but failed dismally. That all changed in 1993 when the Dermot Weld trained Irish stayer outclassed the locals. Word has it they actually ran out of Guinness in Ireland after Vintage Crop’s win – something nobody ever thought was possible.

4. Kingston Rule, 1990.

This was the fastest Melbourne Cup of all time run in a crazy 3 minutes 16.3 seconds. Runner-up The Phantom’s time would have been more than good enough to win The Cup most years. In 1990 though this was not to be.

The U.S bred Racehorse had it’s roots in horse heartland Kentucky U S of A. Super trainer Bart Cummins took over Kingston Rule’s training duties proving to be a masterstroke. However it was a phenomenally calm ride from emerging star Darren Beadman that really got Kingston Rule over the line in what to this day remains the fastest Melbourne Cup ever.

3. Makaybe Diva, 2005.

Makaybe Diva did the unthinkable in 2005 – winning her 3rd consecutive Melbourne Cup. That’s right Hawks fans – you aren’t the only ones to do it – so just calm down!

Racecaller Greg Miles summed Makaybe’s performance up perfectly after she crossed the line – “A champion becomes a legend.”

2. Media Puzzle, 2002.

There wasn’t a dry eye at Flemington in 2002 when Damien Oliver rode Irish horse Media Puzzle to victory. Oliver had lost his brother Jason in a barrier fall only a week prior to the race in Perth. Ollie rode in honor of his late brother – wearing J Oliver silks. Oliver pointed to the heavens when he and Media Puzzle crossed the line first in what was probably the most emotional Melbourne Cup win of all time.

1. Phar Lap, 1930.

The handicappers thought they could stop the champ- aka ‘The Red Terror’ putting 62.5 kg on his back. That sort of weight is enough to make 99% of racehorses throw in the towel. But not Phar Lap.

The Don Bradman of the turf cruised home to victory paying a ridiculous 8-11 (these days that equates to about $1.72c) so there wasn’t much value for punters.

Phar Lap’s death: Adding more intrigue to the Phar Lap story was his mysterious death in the U.S in 1932. Recent scientific tests have suggested Phar Lap was poisoned with arsenic only hours before his death. This recent evidence has added weight to the theory that Phar Lap was killed by U.S gangsters who feared the Australasian champion could cost them and there illegal bookmakers lots of money.

To celebrate this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival we caught up with one of Australian racing’s great characters Peter Moody in the latest instalment of My Life As.



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