Top 10 Celebrity Sports Fanatics

15 Sep, 2015 by Mike Lynch

We know them for their roles as Hollywood Stars, chart topping singers, even sports stars in their own rights.

But even the biggest celebrities in the world can be sports fans just like the rest of us. takes a look at the Top 10 celebrity sports fanatics.

10. Lleyton Hewitt – Adelaide Crows

Most Aussies know Lleyton Hewitt as the former World Number 1 tennis champion. However Rusty Hewitt bleeds the red, gold and navy blue of the Adelaide Crows.

Lleyton Hewitt
He has been a fanatical ‘Croweater’ since he was a kid.
Lleyts was all over Twitter before, during, and after the Crows thrilling Elimination Final win over the Western Bulldogs.


9. Russell Crowe – South Sydney Rabbitohs

The Gladiator Star can’t get enough of the Bunnies. Maximus is always tweeting about his beloved team- and is a regular at Rabbitohs matches.

However he wasn’t sending too many tweets after his boys were bombed out of the NRL Finals by the Cronulla Sharks on the weekend.

russel crowe

8. Will Ferrell – UCS Trojans

One of the funniest blokes on earth- is also a huge American Football fan.


The former USC student can be seen on the sidelines at plenty of Trojans games. Once he even led the USC Marching band.

7. Hugh Sheridan – Port Adelaide Power

This bloke has been a Port Adelaide supporter for yonks. And he gets bonus points with because he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Only a few weeks ago the Packed To The Rafters star helped the Port Adelaide Cheersquad put up their banner at Etihad Stadium- top stuff!


6. Snoop Dogg – South Sydney Rabbitohs

This one is massive. Russell Crowe introduced his mate Snoop to NRL and the Bunnies- and Snoop has become quite a fan.

Snoop Dogg South Sydney

Snoop has met the South Sydney players and also assisted some youth groups in Refern. Fo-shizzle.


5. Kim Jong Un – NBA

Not a lot is known about the mysterious and secretive leader of North Korea. But one thing is for sure- he loves his NBA.

Kim Jong was clearly very happy to meet one of his basketball idols former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman.


4. Margot Robbie – Sydney Swans

The Wolf Of Wall Street star doesn’t let being in Hollywood stop her from getting behind her beloved Sydney Swans.



3. Michael Jackson – Fulham

To the surprise of many- The King Of Pop was apparently a big English Premier League and Fulham Football Club fan.

Michael Jackson Fulham

Not only did Jacko attend a Fulham game- but his statue was also put up outside Fulham’s home stadium.


The MJ statue angered many Fulham fans and was later removed. In a weird twist Fulham got relegated that season- many people said the removal of the MJ Statue put a curse on the club- leading to their relegation. Here’s Jacko at the Fulham match.

2. Jessica Alba – Golden State Warriors

Not only do the warriors have the NBA title- but they also have one of the hottest celebrity fans on the planet- Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba 4

As looking at the photos- she gets just as nervous as any fanatic on game-day.

Jessica-Alba1jessica alba

1. Hugh Jackman – Any sport

Aussie star Hugh Jackman has to be number one.

He is a true Aussie sports tragic. Rumour has it he eats Sherrins for breakfast.

Hugh-Jackmanhugh jackman afl

In the last two weeks Wolverine has been to a game of AFL where he had a crack at bouncing the footy- and then got himself courtside for the US Open Final at Flushing Meadows.

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