The Top 8 Olympic Hunks in Rio

Olympic Hunks in Rio
15 Aug, 2016 by Ed Toussaint

We’ve been coping a bit of stick from our women followers about our very popular and even more so controversial article The Top 12 Beauties of the Rio Olympics. So to even the score we present to you, yes you Melinda! The top 8 Olympic hunks in Rio.

Ryan Lochte, Swimming – USA


Looks like this Olympic swimmer is searching for his perfect match. He told USA Today, “So I got on [Tinder] and I’ve been matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart, they have professional jobs and everything.”


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Tennis – France

The tennis star told The Guardian that he’s got his eye on a different prize post-Olympics: “I hope I will have a family. A house, with a garden, will be nice. And I would love a barbecue! Just very simple things and a passion to work hard.”


Sonny Bill Williams, Rugby Sevens – New Zealand

The desire to take care of his family is what motivated this rugby star to go far. He told The Guardian“I grew up in a housing-commission house. My parents were always living from paycheck to paycheck. They were always struggling. I thought that if I could play rugby on TV I’d be able to get my mom a house. That was the driving factor.”


Ning Zetao, Swimming – China

With his commanding height (6ft 3in/1.91m) and six packs, Ning’s boyish good looks recently caused a near Internet meltdown. Ning, who set the record for the 100m style as the first Asian man to swim the distance in under 48 seconds in 2015, was born in Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan.


Arthur Mariano, Gymnastics – Brazil

Representing host country Brazil, Nory is a male artistic gymnast and part of the national team. Not much has been reported about him (no thanks, Wikipedia!); only that he’s young – 22, extremely dreamy and prone to flashing his smile and chiselled abs.


Daniel Goodfellow & Tom Daley, Diving – Great Britain

Goodfellow, Daley, their washboard abs and their Stella McCartney-designed Speedo are part of Great Britain’s diving team. The boys have snagged a bronze medal for Great Britain in synchronized 10 meter platform diving, and they celebrated with what was described as wet-hugs.


Michael Phelps, Swimming – USA

Honestly we’re not sure if Phelps qualifies as a hunk or not but this bloke wins everything at the Olympics so he might as well win this too.


Pita Taufatofua, Taekwondo – Tonga

Taufatofua is the guy who stole the show at the opening ceremonies. Even people who had tickets in the nose-bleeds were blinded by the lights reflecting of his massive over-oiled chest. With such greasy hand, it’s a miracle he managed to hold on to that flag the whole time.

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