The Best Streaming Services to Watch Rugby World Cup for Free

Watch Rugby World Cup for Free
25 Sep, 2019 by Beyond The Game TV

It is one thing to know that streaming sports content is the best way to go for you. But it is yet another thing to know just where to get all the games you would like to see before the season ends.

For those who are interested in streaming all of Ruby World Cup 2019 live, it becomes important to identify areas and platforms where you can get the content legally.

Streaming the Rugby World Cup

If this sounds like you, we have curated some of the very best, low-cost options that guarantee you the best image and audio quality, as well as timely delivery.

Bonus: If you stick with us to the end, we will show you how to get all the Rugby World Cup games for free too.

YouTube TV

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You might know YouTube to be the largest curator of videos on the planet, but you might not have known that they also have a dedicated streaming channel with a wide array of channels and services for fans and sports enthusiasts alike.

Going for the $40/ month plan, you get access to sports channels like CBS Sports, ESPN and ESPN 2 (where the rugby games will be showing in the US), FN1, NBC Sports, the NBC network and NBA TV.

The best thing about this service is that it hosts over 70 different channels, ensuring you can keep your entertainment going even when you are not currently watching sports. Coupled with a 14-day free trial period, you have all the time to check if this is the ideal fit for you before committing your credit card details.



This used to be DirecTV Now, and even though it is great at what it does, the pricing details for its packages is one area we don’t really agree with.

If you are willing to look past that, you will easily enjoy the host of channels available here, of which we have the ESPN offerings too. When the various US-created sports contents are in season (NHL, NFL, US Golf Open, etc.), you can pay an additional $20 on the $50/ month plan to get access to all regional sports networks which allows you catch all the games happening in your backyard and beyond.

To make things fair to their subscribers, AT&T TV Now allows the use of their platform for free over the first seven (7) days, but you have to provide your credit card details first. Make sure to cancel before the free trial runs out if you don’t want to be charged.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue

When it comes to a wide array of channels, there is no stopping the awesomeness of the $50/ month plan which is being offered on PlayStation Vue. But then, this tier does not hold a lot of water when it comes to sports. Of course, you still get the ESPN channels, so you can watch rugby games at your convenience. If you were hoping to get other sports content at the same time, though, you might have to subscribe to a higher tier plan.

Fortunately, you can see all that the service has to offer you for free over the course of the first 7 days. If the offering sounds like you, go for it!



If you were looking for a budget service that grants you access to almost all you were enjoying on cable, SlingTV is the right pick. Starting at a meager $25/ month, you get to pick from the Orange or Blue tier plan, and you can even combine them for the best effect.

Interestingly, the combination does not cost more than $40, which is what most of the options on this list have capped their services at too.

The Orange tier plan will let you into ESPN’s feed and that of 33 other networks for a better-rounded experience. If you were going for only Blue, that would require that you drop the ESPN channels in favor of FOX’s. That will not be an ideal situation in this case since you won’t be getting the rugby you signed up for anymore.

Like most of the others, they also allow you to enjoy the games for the first 7 days without worrying about the costs.



For those in the UK, TVPlayer offers the best overall way of streaming all the rugby action for free, and legally too. Signing up for an account gives you access to ITV which has acquired the exclusive rights to all 48 games for viewers in the UK and Ireland only.

Watching the Rugby World Cup for Free

If you are not in the UK, chances are you have to pay for the games via subscription plans on the services we have mentioned above. However, you can equally watch all the games for free on these services.

Looking at each and every one of them, they do come with free trial periods. Use each service one after the other and enjoy all the free trial periods. With that, you get more than a month of free streams, and that is more than enough to enjoy the remaining games in the rugby world cup.

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