Tash Sultana rips into Margaret Court

Tash Sultana
15 Dec, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Tash Sultana has ripped into Australian tennis legend Margaret Court during her sold out show in Melbourne last night.

Tash Sultana vs Margaret Court

Sultana paused her gig at (you guessed it!) Margaret Court Arena to take aim at the controversial former tennis player.

Margaret Court’s views on same-sex marriage have seen her make headlines on numerous occasions this year.

Tash Sultana who was once in her words a “complete drug addict” taught herself over ten instruments and is now one of Australia’s brightest music stars.

Sultana who was playing in front of a record crowd used the occasion to take a public stance against Margaret Court. Reportedly calling one of the most successful tennis players of all time “a dickhead.”

The music doesn’t stop for Margaret Court, that’s for sure,” Sultana told the sold-out crowd according to TheMusic.com.au.

Tash Sultana

“This is really funny because I don’t really have too much of an opinion of someone until I think they’re a dickhead.”

“But, mate, get up with the times, fucking hell. Because there’s 7,500 in here tonight and I don’t think she stopped any of this from happening.”

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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