Susie O’Neill Don Burke allegations

Susie O'Neill Don Burke allegations
28 Nov, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Australian Olympic champion Susie O’Neill is the latest person to emerge levelling allegations at television personality Don Burke.

Susie O’Neill allegations

O’Neill told Fairfax Media she was in her Brisbane home for an interview with the celebrity gardener in 2000 ahead of the Sydney Olympics.

Susie O'Neill Don Burke allegations

O’Neill recalled standing in front of a large flower painting created by her husband when Burke allegedly made a sexual remark about her body.

Don Burke denies claims

Don Burke appeared on A Current Affair overnight and strongly denied all accusations made against him.

He says he’s “deeply hurt and outraged” by the claims made.

“I’m not that man at all… some of these things are despicable. It is not that a man should never say to a woman, it’s that no one should say it,” Burke told interviewer Tracy Grimshaw.

Susie O'Neill Don Burke allegations

Susie O’Neill is disgusted

Susie O’Neill expressed her disgust at Burke’s comments on her radio show on Nova 106.9 this morning.

O’Neill told listeners why she had been reluctant to speak of her story.

“I didn’t want to get involved, not because I condone his behaviour but it’s stressful to be involved,” she said.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I had numerous phone calls yesterday. To be honest I still don’t want to get involved.”

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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