Sports weather disasters

Sports weather disasters
11 Dec, 2017 by Mike Lynch

A look at today’s Bills and Colts match has us looking back at some of the biggest ever sports weather disasters.

We all had to take our hats off to Buffalo Bills fans today.

Despite snow storms and temperatures of -3 degrees celsius, Bills fans stayed on to watch their team do battle against the Indianapolis Colts.

It makes the fans who complain about having to go to a game at Etihad Stadium look particularly soft.

Sports weather disasters

We thought we’d have a look at a few other sports weather disasters.

1. Kazakhstan football league

Borat felt right at home watching this wash out game in his mankini.

2. MCG Mud Bath 1989

We’re not sure how today’s players would have coped with what the Cats and the Dons were faced with at the MCG way back in 1989.

3. Snow doesn’t stop the soccer 2012

Snow didn’t stop this soccer match between Dynamo Kiev and Dynamo Zagreb. We’re not sure what’s more impressive the orange/pink ball or the bloke clearing the snow off the pitch with a Makita.

4. Rain gushes onto Gabba 1987/88

The Gabba’s curator Kevin Mitchell wasn’t waiting for umpires when this massive storm hit the Australia vs New Zealand ODI at the Gabba in 1987.

Who better to have in the commentary box than the great man Bill Lawry.

5. Rabbitohs vs Broncos 2011

This game of NRL looked more like a water polo clash back in 2011. Chris Sandow made the most of the situation with a ridiculous pass to set up Rhys Wesser.

6. Buffalo harness racing 1996

We’ve seen the mayhem the weather can cause at the NFL in Buffalo- but this blizzard took things to another level during a trots meeting in 1996.

7. Seriously lit golf 2010

Playing golf during a storm can be pretty nasty but this 2010 lightning storm at the Zurich Classic takes the cake. Fortunately play was called off as trees ended up a little worse for wear.

Can you pick a favourite or are there any we missed? Share your sports weather disaster favourites in the comments below.

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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