Sports Stars Who Went Bust

13 Jun, 2016 by Mike Lynch

They can be lethal on the sports field- but not so great when it comes to hanging onto their cabbage.

BeyondTheGame.TV bring you 10 Sports Stars who have hit rock bottom.

Eric Djemba Djemba

This bloke was absolutely flying in the mid 00’s. He had the coolest name in football- and was touted as one of the most ruthless defenders in the game.

Only a couple of years after he’d departed from Manchester United the Cameroon star declared himself bankrupt.

These days Djemba Djemba plays his football in Indonesia and describes himself as a changed person. “I am a simple man who takes the train and eats KFC everyday.”

Marion Jones

Jones owned the Sydney Olympics with three sprinting gold medals. In 2002, she broke up with husband, and fellow Olympian C.J. Hunter, because she claimed he was using performance-enhancing drugs. Uh…woops big mistake Mazza. Big CJ got his sweet revenge in 2004 when he told a jury that Jones injected herself with PEDs several times in Sydney. After many denials Jones finally confessed in 2007 as part of a plea deal involving check-fraud charges. Her earnings dried up, she was stripped of her medals, she served six months in prison, and finally filed for bankruptcy.

Bjorn Borg

One of the greatest and most popular tennis players of all time. Borg was a fan favourite at a time when tennis was dominated by American hot-heads like McEnroe and Connors. Borg won his first Wimbledon at barely 20 years old. He would win a total of five titles on the grass at Wimbledon and six more in the French Open, all before retiring at the ripe old age of 26. (Hey why the heck not!)
While Borg was living in swinging Monte Carlo, his new “friends/business partners/colleagues/leeches) ran up monumental tabs on Borg’s credit cards and jet off to exotic locations in his private plane. He was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1989.

Allen Iverson

One of the NBA greats AI was once on a squillion. However like many NBA stars he blew the lot and has reportedly been spotted begging for cheesburger money ouside Atlanta Mall. (To be fair at least two members of the team have done the same thing). Despite the tough times all is not lost for the former great. The 76ers legend does have a $30 million trust with Reebok, which he cannot access until he is 55-years-old.

Lucas Neill

Everyone will remember this guy for his heroic efforts leading the Socceroos through their best World Cup campaign ever only to be robbed by some dodgy reffing.

The 38-year-old former West Ham captain earned a reported $40 million across two decades in high-level football, appearing for teams such as Millwall, Blackburn Rovers, Everton and Galatasaray, while earning 96 caps for Australia and leading his country.

According to a Daily Telegraph report, Neill had been involved in a number of high-profile investments during his playing career, including a US property portfolio and a coaching business in Sydney. Neil has now been declared bankrupt in Britain and according to tabloid reports is living as a ‘recluse’.

Mike Tyson

Well let’s be honest- it would be more of a surprise if Iron Mike DIDN’T appear on the list.
One of the meanest boxers of all time. But sadly like many champion boxers- he was surrounded by too many people that wanted to get their hands in his wallet.
Tyson filed for bankruptcy in 2003 despite earning almost $300 million throughout his career.
But it lead to amazing things with Mike discovered his secret talent for acting in a bid to make some coin. It lead to some big cameos in Croc Dundee- and this piece of cinematic gold in Hangover 2.

Forget Leo- get Mike an Oscar right now!

Brendan Fevola

We love the Fev. In the 00’s he had the big hair and big bags of goals. In 2013 though he former Carlton star (we’re just going to forget the stint at Brisbane) was declared bankrupt- mostly due to a crippling gambling addiction.
To Fev’s credit he has got back on track- with a radio gig- and some huge appearances for the Yarrawonga Pidgeons.






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