Sports Greatest Hoodoos

18 Jul, 2016 by Mike Lynch

The Demons slumped to their 14th consecutive loss against the Saints yesterday. It was also their 24th loss from their last 25 matches at Etihad Stadium. Scary stuff indeed, especially if you’re a Demons fan.

But sport is full of horror stories and hoodoos. Some of the stories we are about to bring you will make the Demons record against the Saints look a little less horrendous.

Behold- sports greatest hoodoos (evil Dracula Laugh).

1. The Boston Redsox


They wear red and blue- and like the Demons their fans have experienced some rough times. The Red Sox went a ridiculous 86 years without a World Series win.

The 86 years of pain were blamed on ‘The Curse Of The Bambino’. The ‘Bambino’ was of course Babe Ruth who the Red Sox sold to the Yankees in 1918. Ruth would go on to become arguably the greatest baseballer of all time whilst the Red Sox would go on without a title for almost a century.


Happy Ending: The ‘Curse Of The Bambino’ finally ended in 2004 when the Red Sox defeated the Cardinals in the World Series.
Understandably Boston went into meltdown.

2. The Wallabies and Eden Park


The Wallabies simply cannot handle Eden Park. Whilst they experienced plenty of success against the All Blacks in the 90’s and 00’s, they still couldn’t notch up a win at The All Black’s fortress.


The Wallabies have not won at Eden Park since 1986- three decades.

3. Brazil’s Football Nemesis

Brazil have always been known as one of the world’s greatest footballing nations. They have won a lazy five World Cups and Eight Copa Americas.


Yet when they play against Norway things don’t go so well. That’s right Norway! In their history Brazil have played Norway four times and have never beaten them- ever! There have been two draws and two losses. There you go, not even Pele could stop the Vikings.

4. England Vs Australia At Lords


Lords is the world’s home of cricket. England invented the sport. So it’s a little scary that England went 7 years without a victory at Lords over their arch enemy Australia.

Fortunately for England Andrew Flintoff helped end this curse in 2009 to lead the Poms to their first Lords victory over the Aussies since 1934.

5. Collingwood aka The Collywobbles


Possibly the most famous AFL/VFL curse of all time. The poor old Magpies have lost a record 26 AFL/VFL Grand Finals.

The most famous loss came in 1970 against the Blues. Collingwood lead by a whopping 44 points at half time in front of 120,000 fans at the MCG.

Unbelievably they fell apart with the Blues running away in the second half to record a shock win. After this game the term “Collywobbles” was born.


Collingwood would lose NINE Grand Finals between 1960 and 1989- without winning one!


Fortunately for Magpies fans the Pies ended the Collywobble curse in 1990 with a huge win over the Bombers.


Know of a sport hoodoo? Tell us all about it here.


by Michael T. Lynch – contributor



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