Six tipsters to avoid during the Melbourne Cup carnival

Melbourne cup Tipsters to avoid
31 Oct, 2017 by Mike Lynch

It’s Melbourne Cup Carnival time and as always the racing experts are going to be crawling out of the woodwork.

Prepare to be hounded by gambling ads on the TV and fashion tips from footy WAGS.

But what if you actually want to back yourself a winner? It can be bloody tough out there as everyone appears to be an expert. Who are the tipsters to avoid?

6 tipsters to avoid

Give yourself a better chance by learning who are the six tipsters to avoid during the Melbourne Cup carnival.

1. The ex-AFL player

They are everywhere. Blokes that made a name for themselves once upon a time by kicking around a bit of pigskin are now presented to us as some sort of racing or tipping “experts”.

I am not saying an ex-sportsman can’t become a racing expert. Heck, I reckon Richo (Jason not Matty), who was a Stawell Gift winner, is one of the most knowledgable racing people on the TV.

It is the ex-AFL players who are absolutely everywhere that you may want to steer clear of.

Melbourne cup Tipsters to avoid

What makes these blokes racing experts? Other than being on the payroll of betting companies as ambassadors, I’m not too sure.

The only exception I am willing to make with this rule is Jonathan Brown talking about the dishlickers. If you ever hear the Browndog (not the Browny above) giving out greyhound advice, be sure to take notes.

2. The mate who always has a ‘big win’

Ah yes the classic. We all know one. The mate that is always bragging about winning $6,000 on the quaddie. “Oh but I’m spewing I only had it for 10%.” “I wanted to have it for 50%,” they will add.

Melbourne cup Tipsters to avoid

If the stories are to be believed, these guys are making more money than Gina Rinehart. Yet for some strange reason they are still getting around in a beaten up 2010 Hyundai Getz. Funny that.

3. Your dad

There’s an old saying ‘Don’t mix family and punting’. Okay maybe I made that up but seriously it’s not a good idea.

Melbourne cup Tipsters to avoid

Your old man may spend four hours a day circling names on the Herald Sun form guide with a greylead but that does not mean he has any idea what he is doing. Unless your dad is DK Weir or Chris Waller, just don’t do it.

4. The creepy old bloke at the Tote

The old bloke sitting at the bench with a half finished pot of mid-strength could be seen by some rookies as an expert tipster.

Melbourne cup Tipsters to avoid

But don’t be fooled. The only bet he has placed in the entire five hours he has been at the Tote was a $5 mystery trifecta. He’s only really there to get away from his annoying missus who keeps hassling him pruning the apricot tree.

5. Celebrities

Melbourne cup Tipsters to avoid

This one seems obvious but it is amazing how many people will back something because they heard Nollsy say “it’s a good thing.”

Melbourne cup Tipsters to avoid

Nollysy, Dicko, the bloke from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Buddy’s missus, Miss Universe, Manu, Paleo Pete, the bloke who finished sixth in The Bachelorette. Every man and his Snoop Dogg are out there giving their racing “tips”. Back them with your hard earned at your own risk.

6. Any bloke with white shoes

Really keep an eye out for these tricksters on Oaks Day where they descend upon Flemington by the thousands. After a few Bulleit Bourbon and Cokes, these lads reckon they are bloody Jimmy Cassidy.

Melbourne cup Tipsters to avoid

They will have no problem slurring their “moral for the day” (that’s always an odds on favourite) to anyone within a shouting distance.

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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