Should Mark Robinson be fired?

Mark Robinson
09 Jun, 2017 by Didier Stobart

The tweet and subsequent apology made by Mark Robinson last week shows his ignorance on the topic of mental illness.Mark Robinson

Why should a person who shows this sort of disregard of such an important issue be given a huge platform to voice his opinions?

Has Mark Robinson been held accountable?

Robinson’s half apology is evidence of his lack of understanding on the issue, which is seemingly being swept under the rug.

It appears Robinson has not faced any disciplinary action from his employers. To make matters even worse, he is playing the victim card for the abuse he copped on social media after making the comment.

He deserved every bit of criticism he received. To say “it was the wrong choice of words” is not an apology accepting fault. It is down playing the incident and making light of the issue. I would love to hear what he thought were the right words.

This tweet is not a great way to show respect to a man brave enough to make his personal battle with depression and mental illness public.

Double standards

Mark Robinson has been a staunch critic of AFL players in the past for saying the wrong thing on social media. Or even just liking the wrong post. This makes him a bit of a hypocrite and gives him no form of defence as he is a journalist. And it is his job to use the right words.

Sport journalism industry

If this is the chief writer for the Herald Sun and co-host of the one of the most watched sports television shows in Australia, it makes me question the industry. The moral standards for journalists and presenters in Australia must be very low if this is deemed acceptable behaviour.

Numerous journalists have come out and condemned the comments of Mark Robinson and even stated that if the tweet was made by them, they would be suspended or fired from their media duties.

It doesn’t make any sense that Robinson has got off relatively scot free for an abusive personal attack on a player who is struggling emotionally and mentally.

Previous misconduct

It’s also worth noting that it’s not the first time Robinson has shown bias against Collingwood.

Mark Robinson

A while back, he decided to name Collingwood as the only club involved in the positive hair test samples without even providing the correct information. Is it possible that his opinion and ego have taken over his moral compass?

Only a few weeks ago he told Dan Hannebery he should “get back on the beers” after he gave up alcohol and had a few average games. This is another example of poor attempt at humour from Robbo.


Has Robinson learned his lesson?

The biggest issue out of all of this is that it seems like Mark Robinson doesn’t even realise what he is saying is offensive. Giving this man a platform to voice his views might be becoming a bit dangerous for those who take his point of view seriously.

When will the Herald Sun and AFL 360 finally wake up and see the true colours of this man? And what will they do about it?

I for one can’t wait to see the sh*t storm it will take for Robinson’s employers to finally start that conversation.

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by Didier Stobart – contributor
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