Rockhold Eying Off Fight With Robert Whittaker

Robert Whittaker
21 Apr, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Robert Whittaker is taking the UFC world by storm and everybody seems to want a piece of him.

Robert Whittaker

Undefeated in his last seven fights, it took the Kiwi (who we are claiming as Aussie) less than two rounds to take apart Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza.


Michael Bisping

Reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Michael Bisping has called out Robert Whittaker saying he “has no qualms fighting” the Aussie.


In his Podcast Bisping also lashed out at Yoel Romero calling him a “dirty, lying, cheating scumbag.”

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Interestingly though, a former champ has also put his hat in the ring as a potential Robert Whittaker opponent.

Luke Rockhold Interview

Luke Rockhold chatted exclusively with Denis Shkuratov and Kacper Rosolowski on Submission Radio where he opened up about his thoughts on a potential fight with the Aussie star.

Did you expect Robert Whittaker to come so far in the division and get to a point where it’s actually you who are calling him out?

“I’ve been looking for a fight between all these guys. I’m not necessarily calling him out. We’re running out of opponents. Anderson Silva declined a fight. Other guys are obviously out of the mix. Yoel’s waiting for an interim title or the real title. I need to re-establish myself and he looked good. I kept my eye on Robert after that win after that night. After that night. Not before, but after. When he beat (Clint Hester) he looked sharp. I was in the back getting ready for my fight and I seen him do his thing. And then the fights to follow that. The kid looked good, he’s been a top prospect around and (better) than the people that have been around for some time. So I’ve been watching him and he’s come along nicely.”


What do you think are some of the keys to beating Robert Whittaker?

“To do my thing, not get overaggressive, fight the way I need to fight like what got me to the title and what won me the title. I’m gonna use my length, use my skills and every asset, every asset I’ve got. So Rob’s good, but I know I match up well with anybody in this game and I know I could pick off anybody. I still believe I’m the best guy out there and so I’m ready to go prove it against one of the best up-and-coming kids.”

Is taking Rob down and using your BJJ skills the key to victory against him?

“I never force takedowns. I’m in there to fight. I take what presents itself. If Rob falls on the ground, you know, maybe I’ll take it there. But that’s nothing I’m looking for pushing in this fight. I’m very comfortable in my range, my distance, my kicks. That’s something that’s going to be hard for Rob to get through. So I got my game on the feet and I know I got a large advantage on the ground. He’s sharp, he’s fast, he’s in and out.”

“I like where he’s at. I’ve watched the kid, I’ve studied the kid and I want to go out there, I want a challenge and I want to test this kid too. So I mean, who else is there right now? Yoel’s waiting for the belt, we’re on hold waiting for GSP and Bisping. I mean, how long is this kid gonna wait? And I don’t wait any longer, I want to put myself in line to fight for the title.”


And when do you think you’ll be back in the Octagon?

“At this point, I like the biggest stage in the game, Las Vegas international fight week. I wanna come back in a big way and that’s the best stage to do it on. So that is ideal. If there’s a later date, you know, I could be open to it depending on circumstances. But that’s what I’m looking at right now. But we’ll see. If the stakes are high enough and in close enough proximity, I could push back a little bit. But I don’t feel anything sooner really at this point.”

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by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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