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Roaming Brian
26 Jun, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Those that leave the TV on long after the final siren will be well familiar with Chanel 7’s Roaming Brian segment.

Roaming Brian

For those that are unfamiliar, it is a segment where commentator Brian Taylor wanders around the winning team’s change room for about ten minutes whilst chatting to anyone who’s willing to give him the time of day.

The segment can be a bit of a train wreck at times, as it is done on the fly with the camera following Brian around all corners of the room.

Roaming Brian

But it’s the unscripted/unpredictable element of Roaming Brian that makes it quite entertaining. You really never know what Brian is going to ask. Or who he is going to talk to.

So Many Boring Interviews

Personally I find a lot of the player interviews we see in the media to be extremely boring. We always see the same players answering the same dull questions with the same mind numbing answers they are fed by their PR teams.

How often do we hear the following….

  • “Oh yeah we knew they’d be a tough opponent- they certainly came out firing today.”
  • “Look it was a team effort. All the boys stood up when it counted.”
  • “It’s still early in the season we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves.”
  • “It’s great to get the four points but we’ve got a tough one next week.”
  • “Look the body is feeling all right but we’ll have a chat to the doctor and see how it pulls up on Monday.”

I could go on……you could make a cracking drinking game out of this stuff!

Here’s a perfect example from the Sydney Swans this afternoon.

I’m not trying to single out Sydney here. This is the stuff most clubs dish out.

To quote the great Homer Simpson “Maaaarge change the channel.”

That’s why Roaming Brian is good to watch. It’s entertaining and let’s footy fans the chance to see players talk about things other than the usual PR drivel.

Roaming Brian Caged

But that’s not how Sydney wanted it. According to reports the Swans put a block on the popular Roaming Brian segment.

Whilst they were happy to have Brian in the rooms, it was the ‘roaming’ that they weren’t so thrilled about.

Swans’ head of media Loretta Johns said the club were happy to offer players for interviews. As long as they were from a fixed position.

“It is our strong preference that post-match interviews be conducted from a fixed position in our rooms, which we had conveyed to Seven ahead of (Friday night’s) game as well as ahead of our previous Friday night games this season,” Johns told the Herald Sun.

BT Not Impressed

Taylor was savage with his response on radio saying the Swans wanted the coverage to “be boring like they are”.


Tim Watson also took aim at the Swans today on SEN suggesting that the fans deserve better.

“The fans didn’t get the access you deserve. On Friday night, Sydney turned Brian into a battery swan. A sad, forlorn figure. Wings clipped, eyes dripping, beak all shut. The good news is Melbourne, the people’s club, has already indicated that free ranging Brian will have unlimited post game access should they win on Friday night.”

Looks like Roaming Brian fans will be backing the Dees Friday night. Otherwise BT will be locked back into his Swan-cage.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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