Rio’s Abandoned Olympic Venues One Year On

Abandoned Olympic Venues
05 Sep, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Abandoned Olympic venues paint a sorry picture only one year after the 2016 Rio Games.

The iconic venues of the 2016 Rio Olympic games are looking more than a little worse for wear only one year since the closing ceremony.

Abandoned Olympic Venues

It is a sad and sorry sight.

The athletes village lays mostly abandoned, looking like the perfect set for a zombie movie.

Abandoned Olympic Venues

The swimming pool has been drained and sits unused.

Abandoned Olympic Venues

The famous and historic Maracana Stadium has had its electricity disconnected after reportedly racking up an electricity bill close to $1 million.

Abandoned Olympic Venues

Guanabara Bay pollution out of control

Sailing venue Guanabara Bay is looking more polluted than ever.

Abandoned Olympic Venues

Prior to the Olympics promises had been made to clean up the bay. Clearly that hasn’t happened.

Abandoned Olympic Venues

Various rubbish fills the area in and around the abandoned Aquatics stadium.

Abandoned Olympic Venues

To add to all this, Brazilian athletes who were promised financial bonuses for winning medals are yet to be paid.

Brazil not alone

It isn’t just Brazil that has had problems making good use of Olympic venues once the party is over.

Almost every other host nation has had similar issues, even Australia.

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by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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