Terror Fears Cast Doubt Over Qatar World Cup

Qatar World Cup
06 Jun, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Qatar World Cup Fears

Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 Fifa World Cup has been thrown into doubt as the country’s diplomatic crisis worsens.

Qatar in Crisis

In an unprecedented move this week, seven nations cut ties with the future World Cup host.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Libya and the Maldives have all confirmed they want nothing to do with Qatar.

Qatar has been accused by some of supporting extremism including the likes of Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, something Qatar has denied.


What’s happening right now in the Gulf is a train wreck to say the least. Ambassadors are being recalled, trading is being blocked and flight bans put in place.

Qatar World Cup Fears

With all this unfolding, many are beginning to question whether Qatar is fit to host the world’s biggest sporting event – the Fifa World Cup.


I am the first to admit that there has been some fairly biased anti-Qatar hosting coverage coming out of Australia over the last couple of years. Don’t get me wrong, some of the negative coverage has been warranted.


The alleged “slave like” working conditions of some foreign workers who are building Qatar’s stadiums has rightly been put under the microscope.

Australia’s Failed Bid

A lot of Aussie football fans and writers were a little bitter though about Qatar getting the nod ahead of Australia to host the 2022 World Cup.

But to be fair, Australia’s bid video was a pile of kangaroo poo. If you don’t believe me have a squiz at Australia’s World Cup bid video below.

Between the cartoon kangaroo, Julia Gillard’s horrendous acting, and Thorpie the lifeguard, it’s little wonder Australia’s bid didn’t get very far.

There is no doubt though that right now Qatar’s 2022 World Cup is under a cloud.

FIFA must be asking some serious questions behind closed doors.


Will the world’s best football players be interested in playing in a country with alleged terror links? Unlikely.

Will thousands of football fans be keen on flying to Qatar and cramming into a packed stadium with these terror claims being made? I doubt it.

FIFA in Regular Contact with Qatar

At this point FIFA aren’t saying too much publicly about potential doubts over the Qatar World Cup.

The ABC is reporting that in an emailed statement FIFA said the following.

“….in regular contact with the Qatar 2022 Local Organising Committee and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy handling matters relating to the 2022 FIFA World Cup”.

“We have no further comments for the time being.”

2022 might seem like a long way off but this is the world’s biggest sporting event. Stadiums have to be built and all sorts of planning has to be put in place years in advance.


Right now it is not looking great. If the situation in Qatar does not improve quickly FIFA may well have to find a new World Cup host.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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