Should some Port Adelaide memberships be revoked?

Port Adelaide fans
31 Jul, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Scores of Port Adelaide fans have been slammed after missing their team’s thrilling win over the Saints because they left the game early.

To be fair to Power fans the Saints did appear to have the game in the bag. The Saints led Port by ten points with only one minute left on the clock.

But an incredible piece of play by Paddy Ryder and Robbie Gray saw the Power steal an unlikely victory.

Last minute brilliance


Ryder’s tap to Gray was brilliant! And a throwback to the old days of footy. That type of rucking and crumbing seems to be disappearing from the game. It was fantastic stuff. But sadly lots of Port Adelaide fans missed it because they were in the car park.

Port Adelaide fans under fire

The reaction to the Port fans who opted for an early exit has been quite savage.

Melbourne United basketball star Chris Goulding even called on the offending fans to have their memberships revoked.

Ollie defends Port Adelaide fans

Port Adelaide star Ollie Wines defended Power fans. He told Fox Sports News’ AFL Today that it was “probably fair enough” that they left the game early.


“Look, we’d love them to stay, but thanks for them getting there in the weather, they braved the wind and the rain in the first place.

“And they missed out on a good ending so I’m sure they’ll be kicking themselves but we still love them.”

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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