Open Talks 12 Is Aussie NBA sensation Ben Simmons the best Australian athlete of all time? Or is the media creating another "Jarryd Hayne" spectacle? Find out in this episode of Open Talks.
Victory The boys welcome their first ever special guest on the show and grow the conversation with fiery debates and juicy inside information about AFL players.
Open Talks - Ep11 The AFL and NRL Grand Finals both dominated by Melbourne teams. Trade talks, rumours and whispers in the AFL. All that in this episode of Open Talks.
Victory In this Victory podcast, the Insta Gator breaks down the Canelo-GGG superfight. They also discuss corruption and drugs in combat sports.
Open Talks 10 Crossy takes us through the NRL weekend. Then Michael and Ed have a go at picking winners in all the AFL and NRL prelim matches coming up.
Open Talks 9 From big name trades to delayed new licences, and a transgender woman possibly making Aussie sport history - all these and more in Open Talks 9.
Victory In the first episode, the Insta Gator breaks down the McGregor-MayWeather fight with some very interesting AFL analogies.
A fiery debate about the latest AFL news - followed by our new 'women sports' segment. Hugo aka The Instigator breaks down the Mayweather vs McGregor fight.
open talks 7 Today the Open Talks boys discuss the many ways retirement has been handled in the world of sport in the last few decades.
Open-Talks-6 In episode 6 of Open Talks we discuss the way pro athletes use social media. We take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly that comes out of Instagram and Twitter when we least expect it.