A fiery debate about the latest AFL news - followed by our new 'women sports' segment. Hugo aka The Instigator breaks down the Mayweather vs McGregor fight.
open talks 7 Today the Open Talks boys discuss the many ways retirement has been handled in the world of sport in the last few decades.
Open-Talks-6 In episode 6 of Open Talks we discuss the way pro athletes use social media. We take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly that comes out of Instagram and Twitter when we least expect it.
Open Talks In episode 5 of Open Talks we give athletes a break and attack sport journalists instead. We revisit the whole Mark Robinson saga.
Open-Talks In Episode 4 of Open Talks, Ed, Didier, Mel and Mike discuss the hot topic of sledging in sports… Yay or nay?
Bomber Stories Bomber fans open up and reveal stories of the tough times over the last five years whilst looking ahead towards a bright 2017.
Open Talks In Episode 3 of Open Talks, Ed, Didier, Mel and Mike discuss the ramifications of what was a disastrous week for the NRL.
Abbey Holmes Podcast Abbey Holmes Podcast - we catch up with Adelaide Crows AFLW star Abbey Holmes on the eve of the inaugural AFL Women's Grand Final.
Open Talks The Open Talks boys debrief the AFLW inaugural season. No topics are off the table. The big successes and the major failures, we debate about them all.
Open Talks The first episode of Open Talks includes conversations and debates around player contract negotiations in the AFL and around the world. We also touch on parents who try to manage their kids' career, and finally Didier unleashes on his first dud of the week.