Philadelphia 76ers sell meat pies at home games

Philadelphia 76ers sell meat pies
21 Nov, 2017 by Mike Lynch

The Ben Simmons takeover of the USA has officially begun with the Philadelphia 76ers reportedly set to begin selling the classic Aussie meat pie at their home games.

Philadelphia 76ers sell meat pies

The move comes as Melbourne’s Simmons continues to take the NBA by storm.

Philadelphia 76ers sell meat pies

Four’N Twenty pies have reportedly signed a massive sponsorship with the 76ers which will see the iconic Aussie snack sold to fans at Sixers’ home matches.

We love the strong connections this team has to Australia, with Coach Brett Brown and Ben Simmons,” a Four’N Twenty company spokesperson told Forbes.

Watch the fans be animated when the iconic Four’N Twenty red and yellow logo lights up the 76ers massive stadium home screen.”

Can the Philadelphia 76ers fans handle a meat pie?

We all know the Americans love their fast food but will they be able to handle the meat pie?

Apparently not. Now that the Philadelphia 76ers sell meat pies, some people are looking for a knife and fork to scoff their pie down with. Rookies!

Americans are also throwing the meat pies into the microwave which as we know is a recipe for soggy disaster.

ESPN reporter Darren Rovell had a crack at the delicious snack which he said comes from “BARNS-DALE” in Victoria. Could he mean Bairnsdale?

Good on him for having a crack though.

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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