Nick Kyrgios slams Matty Johns

Matty Johns
13 Oct, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Nick Kyrgios has savagely returned fire after being criticised by NRL great and TV personality Matty Johns.

Matty Johns blasts “disgraceful” Kyrgios

Johns fired the first shot in the heated feud taking aim at Kyrgios after he stormed off the court during the Shanghai Masters.

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Kyrgios has since been fined $10,000 USD for his shock mid-match departure which he later blamed on a stomach bug.

But Johns was not buying into the excuse.

It’s embarrassing behaviour. It’s offensive the deliberate lack of effort,” Johns said on Triple M .

“I’m sick of it. A month ago he was in interviews and people were saying it’s really refreshing and he was into tennis.

Matty Johns

“That is bulls**t. This bloke is disgraceful.

“People pay money to show up. He tells people that if he loses the first set he’ll quit and then he does it.

“It’s ironic that the same night, a 38-year-old bloke playing for the Socceroos (Tim Cahill) ran up and down the pitch non-stop to qualify for the World Cup, but this bloke in his prime won’t dig in one little bit.”

Nick Kyrgios’ Matty Johns smackdown

Nick Kyrgios quickly took to Twitter to hit back at Johns.

The Aussie tennis star certainly didn’t hold back.

Unfortunately for Johns, Kyrgios has a very good memory.

Kyrgios was alluding to a widely publicised group sex scandal that reportedly involved Johns and a number of his Cronulla Sharks teammates in New Zealand way back in 2002.

The events were detailed in this episode of Four Corners on the ABC.

Johns was dumped from his role on Channel 9’s Footy Show once the story emerged in 2009. He spoke of his regret of his involvement on both The Footy Show and A Current Affair.

In the A Current Affair interview, Johns said the woman involved was a willing participant in what went on and said he left the room when more teammates started entering the room.

Matty Johns

I was unaware that other people were coming into the room (and) at the point that they did, I stepped away from it,” Johns told A Current Affair back in 2009.

Police didn’t lay any charges against anyone involved.

Johns has moved on and rebuilt his media career since and is one of the most popular NRL commentators in the country.

There’s no doubt though that he’ll be filthy Kyrgios has brought this old Cronulla scandal back into the headlines.

There’s a lesson to be learnt for everyone here. If you’re going to have a crack at Nick Kyrgios you’d better make sure you don’t have any skeletons in your closet.

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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