MMA fighter questions motives of Keaton Jones’ mum

Keaton Jones
12 Dec, 2017 by Mike Lynch

A shocking video featuring bullying victim Keaton Jones captured the world’s attention yesterday.

Keaton Jones video shocks world

Keaton struck a nerve with millions whilst opening up about his experiences being a victim of bullying.

The video filmed by Keaton’s mum Kimberly Jones went viral after being shared by UFC boss Dana White.

Celebrities including LeBron James, Snoop Dogg, Chris Evans, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Gal Gadot took up his anti-bullying message, sharing the video with their huge social media followings.

But it appears there could be a twist in the story.

MMA fighter Joe Schilling has accused Keaton’s mum of using the video of her son as a money making exercise.

Keaton Jones video all about money?

Schilling said he had reached out to Jones’ Mum to invite young Keaton to attend a show.

At least he thought he was reaching out to Keaton’s Mum.

He said that he was surprised when the Instagram account that appeared to be hers referred him to a ‘GoFundMe’ page.

“I feel pretty stupid right now people. I was pretty moved by this video.”

“So I reached out to his Mum about bringing him out to LA for a big Bellator event that’s coming up and introduce him to some fighters and be his friend.”

“And she just wants money. She just wants me to share her GoFundMe account.”

“I asked her why do you want me to share the GoFundMe account for- what’s it for?”

“She said ‘Christmas is coming and I am a single mother money is tight’- bla, bla, bla”

“Make your own judgment on that. It’s sad,” said Schilling

The GoFundMe account is believed to have raised almost $60,000.

MMA fighter questions motives of Keaton Jones's Mum

Others have also highlighted posts on Kimberly Jones’ (now deleted) Facebook page, appearing to show her with the Confederate flag. A flag widely associated with racism and hatred.

Schilling also shared this exchange of messages reportedly between he and Mrs Jones.

However in yet another twist there are now people disputing whether or not Schilling was actually in contact with Keaton’s Mum- or another ‘fake account’.

Wait! Another twist in the tale

In yet another twist the family has been disputing that they’ve been set up and that Kimberly’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are fake.

Kimberly’s daughter Lakyn has said the Instagram account that’s being referenced to discredit the intentions of Kimberly and Keaton is fake.

In conclusion

Well- I am confused.

At this stage it is hard to know what is real and what is fake. Was the GoFundMe set up by Kimberly Jones? Nobody can be sure at this stage.

I think this whole thing serves as a reminder that we all need to be wary of things that are shared online. It makes you wonder if a lot of the celebrities who were promising all sorts of things for Keaton and his family will now have a change of heart?

I still think Keaton has been through some very tough times and there is no doubt his video was a bloody powerful one that send a strong and valid message.

by Mike Lynch – contributor

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