Mick Gatto to address Essendon allegations with Sam Newman

Mick Gatto
09 Mar, 2017 by Mike Lynch

It seems everyone is determined to let the supplements scandal overshadow Essendon’s on field performance yet again.

The saga continues

The latest people to throw mud at the Bombers are former employees Dean Wallis (a Premiership player with the club) and ex-team services manager John Elliott.

The Herald Sun this morning reported that the pair are making allegations that Essendon reached out to underworld figure Mick Gatto in hopes the 61-year-old Melbourne identity could uncover information relating to the peptides scandal.

“In November 2014 I was asked … to set up a meeting off-site with Mr Mick Gatto, who was an external well-known dispute resolution specialist,” ex-team services manager John Elliott alleged.

It’s fairly intense stuff. All of which the Bombers are denying, describing Wallis and Elliot as “disgruntled former employees”.

Sam Newman is on the case

What we need is a real super sleuth to get to the bottom of this. A modern day Sherlock Holmes. Well fear not, the man is here.

Mick Gatto To Address Essendon Allegations With Sam Newman

The great man John Sammy Newman will, by all reports, be asking Mick Gatto all the hard questions on The Footy Show tonight.

Mick Gatto doesn’t give too much away

“All I can say is two things, be watching tonight and you’ll hear all about it,” he said.

“The second thing is I really have no comment to make and I can’t at this stage.”

The no comment attitude was surprising since he was the one setting up the press conference. But Gatto said he called the press conference to get reporters away from his home. Well played…

Asked if it was a paid interview, Gatto replied: “No. It’s not”

Mick Gatto To Address Essendon Allegations With Sam Newman

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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