Has Michael Morgan Sunk Maloney’s World Cup Ship

Michael Morgan
23 Sep, 2017 by Darrin Seath

Pick and stick. For over a decade that philosophy built Mal Meningas legacy as the head coach of QLD State of Origin. It also solidified the greatest dynasty in the history or representative Rugby League and perhaps the game itself.

JT’s Vacant Jumper

If Mal goes with that philosophy again, James Maloney would be the pick for Thurston’s five eighth spot. Maloney has been the stand in no 6. for Australia while Thurston has missed with injury.

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Even though Morgan has come on strong in the last few weeks, Maloney is still one of the premier playmakers in the NRL. If incumbency is anything to go on, James Maloney is the pick.

Michael Morgan at Utility

The other thing that Maloney has going for his claim is the versatility of Morgan. You would think not been as versatile as Morgan would work against him but it may just work in his favour.

Mal is on record as saying that he likes what Morgan brings in terms of utility appeal. Morgan has played fullback for the Cowboys and five eighth. He has also played centre for QLD, and has even filled in a second row in the middle. With Morgan at Utility you can have both players in your team.

Cameron Munster the Bolter

Munster plays for the best team in the competition. He represented QLD at No 6. in Origin game 3. And if you go on the ‘combination’ theory, he plays week to week with the rest of the Australian spine.

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No doubt Munster will make the 24 man squad. Tactics will tell where and when he plays.

Does Form Get Rewarded

Cometh the hour cometh Michael Morgan. 6 weeks ago when the Cowboys season was supposed to be shot to pieces, Morgan took charge.

Going from strength to strength Michael Morgan’s passing game, kicking game and general organisation and execution of the Cowboys game plan has seen them knock over the Sharks and the Eels in successive weeks of the finals.

He has come on so much in the last 6-8 weeks there is no better no 6. in the game, surely that comes with some reward.

by Darrin Seathcontributor

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