Meet Tiger Woods’ rumoured girlfriend

Tiger Woods' rumoured girlfriend
15 Apr, 2017 by Ed Toussaint

Tiger Woods is still at home suffering from back pains but he recently declared “doing his best” to be back on the tour soon.

Meanwhile the rumour mill is going strong when it comes to his new girlfriend’s identity. Apparently she is a model who goes by the name of Laci Kay Somers.

Tiger Woods’ rumoured girlfriend

Judging by some of her work on Instagram and her 7M followers, one would say that she’s the Tiger Woods of modelling!

Sup?…. ? @imlacikaysomers – ?LaciKaySomersXo

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Laci Kay Somers

Tiger Woods’ rumoured girlfriend was born in California. She is a jack of all trades – an actress, singer, swimwear model, personal trainer and sometime cosmetic nurse.


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According to the 25-year-old blonde stunner’s Facebook page, she plays piano and sings everyday. She was sadly bullied growing up. And her biggest fears include being scared of the dark and pool cleaners… Pool cleaners??

Who wears pants anymore…? I’m about to launch my new cell phone cases on my website, be ready! @imlacikaysomers

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Although her modelling skills are undeniable, her singing and acting both raise eyebrows for all the wrong reasons. For example, here’s an episode of her Vlog with a very self-explanatory title.

Tiger Woods’ rumoured girlfriend

It’s unclear how long Laci and Tiger have been associated with each other, but she is definitely the legendary golfer’s type.

The four-time green jacket winner has been linked to the eye-catching Insta-celebrity all over social media by various blogs and TMZ-like websites.

Tiger Woods’ rumoured girlfriend

Woods has had a lot of free time recently. Since the end of his relationship with skier Lindsey Vonn in May 2015, the golf icon has been a single man.

Perhaps with Laci Kay Somers by his side, he will recover sooner rather than later… Tiger Woods’ rumoured girlfriend probably won’t make him the golf god he once was but I’m sure he’s ok with that.

by Ed Toussaint – contributor

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