Matthew Lloyd Mocks North Fans

Matthew Lloyd Mocks North Fans
19 Jun, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Former Coleman Medallist Matthew Lloyd mocks North fans, labelling the turnout for their match against St Kilda as an embarrassment.

Average crowd for Boomer

Just 26,101 fans turned up to see club legend Brent Harvey honoured with a pre-game lap of the ground.

Matthew Lloyd mocks North fans

Former Bomber Matthew Lloyd thought it was poor form from the North fans who didn’t make the trip to Etihad stadium to honour a club legend.

Matthew Lloyd Mocks North Fans

No atmosphere whatsoever

Speaking on the Sunday Footy Show, the velvet sledgehammer pulled no punches.

“The North Melbourne Football Club, they want to be bigger as a football club, they want big marquee games,” Lloyd said.

“Well, this was their one Friday night game against the St Kilda Football Club… They wanted 30,000-35,000 there, 26,000 turned up.

“It was the weirdest game to be at because there was no atmosphere whatsoever.”



“I was quite embarrassed to be honest, Boomer Harvey going around in the car, they unfurled the flags of the two premierships that they’ve been involved in, no one there whatsoever,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd added further fuel to the fire by suggesting that such poor crowd numbers could hinder North’s chances of landing a marquee player in the off-season.

“They’re trying to sell and market their club this North Melbourne Football Club.”


“Why would a guy like James Kelly or Dustin Martin who are sitting at home watching…what reason are North Melbourne giving them at all to go and play for [them].”

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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