Mark Robinson wants interview with Alex Fasolo

Alex Fasolo
13 Jun, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Mark Robinson has angered Collingwood President Eddie McGuire by requesting an interview with returning star Alex Fasolo.

Alex Fasolo Interview Request

According to Eddie McGuire, the Herald Sun chief footy writer Mark Robinson wrote a letter to Fasolo requesting an interview.

It was great to see Fasolo back in the black and white yesterday – and at times he set the Magpies alight.


But I’m at a loss trying to figure out why Robinson would be sniffing around for an interview with Fasolo so soon after the Twitter controversy.

Collingwood not impressed

Understandably Collingwood are also a little bemused to say the least.


Eddie McGuire voiced his disappointment at Robinson’s actions this morning on Triple M. He said that Robinson was going against medical advice by requesting the interview.


“I’m really disappointed in Mark. I thought we supported him in giving him the benefit of the doubt on the tweet,” McGuire said.

“Mark asked at some stage if he could speak to to Alex Fasolo and I got medical opinion and went back to him and told him in the most straight forward terms that he was not to make contact with Alex Fasolo,” he said.

“Then for an email to arrive, not only apologising sort of but then to ask for an interview and intimate that this would be good for other sufferers, ie. putting more pressure on the kid was just terrible.”

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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