Mark Robinson Tries to Win Back Collingwood Fans

Mark Robinson
05 Jun, 2017 by Mike Lynch

Herald Sun chief football writer Mark Robinson created a storm last week when he sent a tweet making light of Alex Fasolo’s battle with depression.

The tweet, which was later deleted, disgusted large sections of the community.

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson Slammed

Speaking on Triple M, former Magpie (and Tiger) Brian Taylor said that he felt Robinson had gotten off lightly with his actions.

BT had his own case of “foot in mouth” disease when he said something a little bit un-PC after a Cats game a few seasons ago.

Let off lightly?

Speaking to Wayne Carey Brian Taylor said:

“Now Duck, if that were you or if it were me with the comments I made in Sydney a couple of years ago or if it was JB (James Brayshaw) or someone else it would be back page, front page, news bulletin and as has happened, we would all be threatened with our jobs, maybe likely to lose them.”

Mark Robinson

“An apology and some sort of penalty. He’s copped none of that. A little bit of social media backlash and a small apology on the back of The Herald Sun.”

“He’s got away from this whole thing absolutely scot-free. I want to know what penalty is he going to pay like I had to pay. Like you had to pay Wayne Carey?”

Robbo Making Amends?

Robinson told Adelaide’s FIVEaa radio that he had been on the end of some savage trolling since he sent the tweet.

It seems he is keen to make amends.

First there was the public apology, but now Robinson is even sending tweets complimenting the Magpies and their coach Nathan Buckley.

Now I’m not sure what to make of this tweet. Is it genuine footy commentary or is Robbo trying to get back in the good books of Magpie fans?

The tweet didn’t go unnoticed by Pies supporters.

And the winner is…..

It seems Pies fans have much longer memories than Mark has given them credit for.

by Michael T. Lynch – contributor

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