The Line Up – Top 10 Worst Stuff Ups

Top 10 Worst Stuff Ups
01 Apr, 2017 by Ed Toussaint

The Line Up is BeyondTheGame.TV’s countdown show, exclusively hosted on our YouTube channel. This week’s episode features our Top 10 Worst Stuff Ups.

The Line Up

We line up sport’s greatest moments, most epic occurrences and most awesome achievements. From thrilling finals to hilarious nude runs, it’s not just the sports stars that are on display!

Told by BeyondTheGame.TV’s cunning linguist and professor of zing, Michael Lynch, we give you the play-by-play of the feats that left commentators breathless, the results that left fans speechless, and the hits that nearly left players headless.

Top 10 Worst Stuff Ups

In this episode of The Line Up we applaud game losing missed kicks, premature celebrations and classic own goals in the Top 10 Worst Stuff Ups.

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